Playing Experience at Bali Sling Shot

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Sunset_in_KutaSling Shot is a vehicle to test your guts adrenaline will certainly accelerated so fast you try it. This is someone that rides a giant catapult mounted on a pair of towers with a height of 35 meters. At the second tower associated with two pieces of steel wire rope connected again elastic. At the end of the elastic strap is there a frame ball contains two seats with high backrest. At seat you sit down and tied it with a strong rope.

In less than three seconds, your heart will be froze because suddenly bolted frame ball into the air as high as 52 feet with a very high speed. Once the top throw, with a very high speed also order the ball rolled back down to earth. And so on until the speed subside by itself.

We flew up and back again to the earth, order to use the ball also rotates 360 degrees in all directions several times before finally returning to a stable position.

Until now there is only one vehicle in Bali Slingshot is on Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta. They are open from 09:00 until 20:00.

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