Perfume Pagoda Hanoi One Day Tour

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Photo : upyernoz/Wikimedia
Photo : upyernoz/Wikimedia

Chua Huong or Perfume Pagoda is a Buddhist temple complex located in the Huong Tich mountains. This temple is a place of worship which is one of the most popular in Vietnam. In particular festival, the pilgrims from other cities also came to offer prayers at the shrine. This complex is located approximately 60 km southwest of Hanoi, with land vehicles. Perfume Pagoda complex consists of several temples built into the limestone cliffs of Huong Tich Mountain. Some of the greatest temples like Giai Oan Chu, Chu Thien Tru and Huong Tich Chu located in Hoang Tich Cave. The distance between the foot of the mountain and the main pagoda reaches 4 km. There are more than 1000 steps. There are cable cars to travelers carry up costing around 80000 Dong. However, while choosing to use the cable car, tourists still have to walk long distances and climb stairs. Cable car system in the Perfume Pagoda is not good because there is no clear timetable when the train will depart. As a result, many tourists who come too late can not ride the train to get to the top. Train schedule is not necessarily returned. Pagodas and caves are very beautiful, unfortunately too many souvenir stalls. At holiday time, the complex is full of visitors so that peace and tranquility that you feel should not be felt in the house of worship. The other drawback is a lot of rubbish strewn.

Thien Tru Pagoda

Thien Tru also known as the Pagoda or Chua Ngoai Affairs. Here tourists can see Bao Cong Vien stupa, tomb Chan Master Vien Quang, who led the reconstruction of the pagoda. In addition there is also a stupa Thien Thuy were not made by human hands. This stupa is the result of erosion of a rocky hill. In this temple there is also a clock tower. Inside the pagoda there is a statue of Quan Am Nam Hai.

Giai Oan Pagoda

From thien Tru Hoang Tich heading, travelers will pass through Temple Giai. Here there is a pond called Thien Thanh Tri NHIEN or natural blue pool and small rivers Giai Oan with Nine springs.

Huong Tich Cave

The center of the pagoda complex is Hoang Tich Cave Temple in which there are or Chua Trong. Travelers will be amazed with the front of the cave, in the form of a dragon’s mouth was gaping. The animal reliefs carved in the mouth of the cave in 1770. Did natural caves there are many statues, including a statue of Buddha and Quan Am made of green stone. The statue is located in the middle of the stalactite and stalagmite formed naturally.

Perfume Pagoda Festival

In this complex there are also Thuyet Kinh Grotto, Thien Son Pagoda, Vong Temple, and the Temple of Phat Tich. The trip to the Perfume Pagoda should use a road trip followed by boat down the river to reach the pagoda. From Hanoi, tourists can take a bus to the My Duc, the trip took two hours. In My Duc, tourists have boarded a boat rowed by two women for an hour to reach the foot of the mountain.The easiest way is to follow the many tours offered in Hanoi. Tourists can pay about U.S. $ 10. This rate includes transportation, lunch and tour guide.

Best Tips when Visit Perfume Pagoda

Use comfortable footwear because tourists will be a lot of walking. Sometimes irregular and slippery stairs. Do not come on Sunday because it was the most crowded pagoda in the state. Do not come on the day of the festival visitors Vietnamese because it gets crowded. You will not be able to enjoy the sights. There were a lot of souvenir sellers who offer the merchandise. When you do not want to buy starting with reject and kept walking. A good idea to bring wet wipes because the condition of public toilets in this place clean less than. If you have to eat kosher food, take stock of the inn. Give a tip in women rowing boat, usually provide U.S. $ 1.

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