Sukawati Art Market and Guwang

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Bali_ZooSukawati market is the most popular market in Bali. This market is also very well known to the foreign countries. This market is known as the place to buy craft items at low prices.

Sukawati market is located about 30 kilometr in the east of Denpasar, about 40 minutes by public transport from Kuta. Located on the edge of the highway Sukawati which is the main access from enpasar towards Gianyar. It’s easy to find. If you’re from the direction of Denpasar, the art market on the left path and traditional market on the right path. In the art market there are hundreds of vendors hawking handicrafts art gathered, ranging from painting, t-shirts, wooden sculptures, shorts, sandals, handbags and more. Unique motifs and a hallmark of Bali.

Price of goods here is very cheap compared to other places in Bali from. but you still obligated to bargain because traders usually always open high prices for all kinds of goods. If interested, please feel free to bid at half the price.

Cheap shopping at the Sukawati also must consider the quality of the goods. Always carefully check the condition of the goods, do not let the size does not fit or poor quality stitching or no loose accessories. If necessary, try to directly put on there.

Because Sukawati art market is too crowded and jammed, then built another art market Art market Guwang ie, about two kilometers south of the old Sukawati Market.

Art goods sold here is also similar as in Sukawati art market. Price is also similar. Craft bags, custom clothing, sandals, clothes, celanan, and much more. All the same as those on display at the Sukawati art market. How to haggle and unwritten rules are the same.

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