The Biggest Company in China List

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China’s impressive economic transformation over the past few decades has been a topic of discussion and study worldwide. The country’s fast-paced development has facilitated the growth of almost all the fields of the economy. However, one significant area of growth is the business sector. The business sector in China has remained robust and has continued to thrive despite several headwinds. This blog post aims to highlight the reasons behind the growth of the business sector in China.

China’s vast and still-growing population is one of the significant reasons behind the growth of the business sector. The country’s population stands at over 1.4 billion, providing businesses with a massive customer base. This population also presents a huge labor force, benefiting both domestic and foreign companies of different sectors of the economy. The large population’s disposable income and rising middle class have created opportunities in the retail and e-commerce sector. It has attracted many foreign companies, such as Walmart and Amazon, among others.

Additionally, the Chinese government has played a significant role in driving the growth of the business sector. The government’s commitment to economic liberalization since the 1970s have provided businesses with a favorable business environment. The government has implemented policies that favor businesses and investors, such as tax incentives, flexible labor policies, and infrastructure development. Such policies have allowed domestic and foreign-owned businesses to thrive in various sectors such as real estate, manufacturing, and technology.

Another area of significant growth in the business sector is the Chinese innovation and technology sector. China is known for its technological advances over the past few years, leading to the growth of the business sector. The tech revolution and the country’s vast market have enabled businesses to innovate and enter profitable ventures. Many Chinese tech firms such as Alibaba, Tencent, and Huawei have developed with advanced technological skills and now operate globally.

Moreover, the Chinese government’s Belt and Road Initiative, a massive infrastructure project connecting Asia, Africa, and Europe, has presented opportunities for businesses operating in China. The initiative has allowed businesses to explore and expand towards new markets and access raw materials, thus boosting international trade. However, it has had its fair share of criticism and controversy due to allegations of China using the initiative to colonize other countries by debt trap diplomacy. Below are 5 biggest company in china.


Kweichow Moutai Co., Ltd. is a prominent Chinese alcoholic beverage company specializing in the production and distribution of Moutai liquor. Moutai is a renowned brand of Baijiu, a traditional Chinese distilled spirit. Kweichow Moutai is recognized as one of the most prestigious and valuable liquor brands in China. The company’s headquarters is located in Maotai town, Guizhou province, China.

Moutai liquor is highly regarded for its exceptional quality and distinct flavor profile. It is made from fermented sorghum using traditional production methods and aged in large earthenware jars. Moutai is known for its smooth and complex taste, often described as fragrant, mellow, and full-bodied. It has become a symbol of luxury, celebration, and Chinese cultural heritage.

Products : Moutai Baijiu, Flying Fairy, Prince, Yingbin, Chiewen, Maotai Daqu Baijiu, Aroma Baijiu, Classic Baijiu, Cocktails, Infused Liquor, Collectible Bottles


ICBC headquartered in Beijing is one of the largest financial institutions in the world. It is a leading Chinese bank that provides a wide range of banking and financial services to individuals, corporations, and institutions.

As a full-service bank, ICBC offers various banking products and services, including deposit accounts, loans, credit cards, wealth management, insurance, investment banking, and international banking services. It caters to the needs of retail customers, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as large corporations. ICBC operates a vast network of branches and ATMs across China and has expanded its presence globally, with branches and subsidiaries in several countries.

Products : Investment Advisory, Personal Loans, Wealth Planning, Cross-Border Remittances, Savings Accounts, Correspondent Banking Services, Portfolio Management, Debit Cards, Mobile Banking Apps, Treasury Services, Internet Banking Services, Current Accounts, Insurance Products, Cash Management Solutions, Credit Cards, Capital Market Services, Corporate Loans, Business Accounts, Trade Finance Services, Merger and Acquisition Advisory, Equity and Debt Underwriting, Online Trading Platforms, Foreign Currency Exchange, Asset Management Services, Digital Payment Solutions, International Trade Financing, Mutual Funds.


PetroChina Company Limited, commonly known as PetroChina, is a major Chinese state-owned oil and gas company. It is one of the largest integrated energy companies in the world, engaged in various aspects of the petroleum and natural gas industry, including exploration, production, refining, and marketing.

PetroChina operates a vast network of oil and gas fields, refineries, and retail outlets across China. It plays a crucial role in meeting China’s growing energy demands and contributes significantly to the country’s energy security. The company is involved in both upstream activities, such as oil and gas exploration and production, and downstream activities, including refining, distribution, and sales of petroleum products.

Products : Gasoline, Diesel, Natural Gas, Natural Gas Distribution, Methanol, Crude Oil, Jet Fuel, LNG Trading, Wind Power, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Solar Power, Natural Gas Storage, Polypropylene, Lubricants, Polyethylene, Ethylene Glycol, Power Generation, Pipeline Transportation, LNG Terminals.


China Mobile Ltd (HK) is the leading telecommunications company in China and one of the largest mobile network operators globally. China Mobile provides a wide range of mobile communication services and related solutions to a vast customer base in China and beyond.

As a mobile network operator, China Mobile offers voice and data services to individual consumers, businesses, and government entities. The company provides various mobile plans, including prepaid and postpaid options, to cater to different customer needs. China Mobile’s network coverage spans across China, ensuring reliable connectivity in both urban and rural areas.

Products : Mobile Internet Services, Mobile Messaging Services, Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT), Data Plans, Roaming Services, Mobile Video Services, Smart Home Solutions, Mobile Music Services, International Calls, Network Solutions for Businesses, Industrial IoT Solutions, Mobile E-books, Mobile Enterprise Applications, Mobile Gaming Services, Mobile Entertainment Services, Smartphones, Cloud Computing Services, Voice Plans, Mobile Accessories, Connected Car Services, IoT Connectivity Services.


Agricultural Bank of China Limited (ABC) is one of the largest banks in China and a key player in the agricultural and rural financial sectors. Established in 1951, ABC is a state-owned bank that provides a comprehensive range of banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, and agricultural enterprises.

ABC’s primary focus is on serving the agricultural sector, rural communities, and farmers in China. It offers a wide array of banking products and services tailored to the specific needs of these customers. This includes various deposit accounts, loans, agricultural insurance, and financial services related to farming, livestock, and rural development.

Products : Investment Banking, Agricultural Services, Digital Banking, Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, International Banking.

Other Large China Companies List

  • Homebuilding : Gemdale Corporation, Shanghai Chengtou Holding, Shn Tagen Group, City Development E, Shanghai Tongji Science & Technology Industrial Co.,ltd, Chongqing Construction Engineering Group Corporation Limited, Shn Centralcon Inv, Chengdu Hi-tech De, China Wuyi, Hangzhou Landscaping Co.,ltd.
  • Industrial Specialties : Wanhua Chemical Group Co.,ltd., Flat Glass Group, Beijing Oriental Y, China Jushi Co.,ltd., Jiangsu Pacific Quartz Co.,ltd., Skshu Paint Co., Ltd, Sicc, Sunresin New Mater, Shaanxi Huaqin Technology Industry, Yangling Metron Ne, Sichuan Yahua Indu, China Hainan Rubber Industry Group Co.,ltd., Kunshan Dongwei Technology Co.,ltd., Explosive Co Ltd, Shanghai Sinyang S, Anhui Jiangnan Che, Shandong Jinjing Science & Technology Co.,ltd, Keshun Waterproof, Jiangsu Lopal Tech., Sichuan Em Technology Co.,ltd., Sinosteel Engineer, Zjmi Environmental Energy Co.,ltd., Luxin Venture Capital Group, Xinjiang Xuefeng Sci-tech(Group)co.,ltd., Zhejiang Runtu Co., Hainan Developmen., Xinjiang Tianye Co.,ltd., Guangdong Dtech Te, Darbond Technology Co., Ltd, Shanxi Blue Flame, Shen Ma Industry Co.,ltd, Shenzhen Xinhao Ph, Jiangxi Black Cat, Jiangsu Shemar Electric Co.,ltd., Qingdao Gon Techno, Hubei Huitian New, Chengdu Guibao Sci, Jiangsu Favored Nanotechnology, Henan Huanghe Whirlwind Co.,ltd., Changzhou Almaden, Jiangxi Guotai Group, Jiangsu Canlon Bui, Hunan Sokan New Materials Co.,ltd, Jiangsu Xiuqiang G, Tianyang Newmaterials (Shanghai) Technology, Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group, New East New Materials Co., Ltd, Shandong Intco Recycling Resources, Fspg Hi-tech C, Shenzhen Sunrise N, Suzhou Kingswood E, Lucky Film Company Limited, Asia Cuanon Technology, Shenzhen King Expl, Rayitek Hi-tech Film Company. Ltd. Shenzhen, Shanghai Kangda Ne, Beijing Comens New, Shanxi Huhua Group, Zhejiang Bofay Ele, Focus Hotmelt Comp, Tianjin Jiuri New Materials, Guangdong Sky Drag, Sanlux Co Ltd, Letong Chemical Co, Shanghai Kinlita C, Tibet Gaozheng Exp, Changchun Gas Co.,ltd, Jiangsu Yuxing Fil, Shanxi Tond Chemic, Shanghai Yongguan Adhesive Products Corp.,ltd, Shanghai Original Advanced Compounds Co., Ltd, Hunan Resun Co Ltd, Guangzhou Jointas, Hubei Sanxia New Building Materials, Zhejiang Fulai New Material Co Ltd, Hangzhou Toka Ink Co.,ltd., Guangdong Silver, Chongqing Sanxia P, Nanjing Sanchao Ad, Jiangsu Jingxue In, Hangzhou Heshun Te, Qingdao Copton Technology Company Limited, Suzhou Xingye Materials Technology Co.,ltd., Shanghai Smith Adhesive New Material, Shenzhen Cotran Ne, Dongguan Golden Su, Hubei Xiangyuan Ne, Jiangsu Yabang Dyestuff Co.,ltd., Shandong Ruifeng C, Chongqing Wanli New Energy Co.,ltd., Shanghai Baolijia, Zhejiang Runyang N, Kaiyuan Education, Zhuzhou Feilu High, Changzhou Tianshen, Fujian Ideal Jewel.
  • Computer Peripherals : Unisplendour Co. L, Biwin Storage Technology, Shenzhen Kaifa Tec, Venustech Group In, Beijing Zuojiang T, Hubei Dinglong Co, Tianma Microelectr, Sichuan Changhong Electric Co.,ltd., Newland Digital Te, Infovision Optoelectronics (Kunshan) Co.,ltd., Beijing Dahao Technology Cor, Nsfocus Technologi, Beijing Certificat, Nancal Technology Co.,ltd, Hanwang Technology, Chengdu Jiafaanta, Hitevision Co Ltd, Toyou Feiji Electr, Chengdu Galaxy Mag, Shenzhen Minde Ele, Shandong New Beiya, Cpt Technology (G, Shenzhen Urovo Tec, Shenzhen Rapoo Tec, Newcapec Electroni, Surfilter Network, Huasu Holdings, Shenzhen Emperor T, Guangdong Avcit Te, Hebei Huijin Elect, Tes Touch Embedded, Shenzhen Fluence T, Shenzhen Chengtian, S/z Zhongheng Huaf, Avcon Information, Suzhou Goldengreen.
  • Electronic Equipment And Instruments : Boe Technology Gp, China Railway Signal & Communication Corporation Limited, Ginlong Technologi, Sieyuan Electric C, Wuhan Guide Infrar, Goodwe Technologies Co.,ltd., Shanghai Lingang Holdings Corporation Limited, Hangzhou Chang Chu, Grg Banking Equipm, Zhonghang Electron, Skyverse Technology Co Ltd, Estun Automation, Ningbo Sanxing Medical Electric Co.,ltd., Zhejiang Hangke Technology Incorporated Company, Kehua Data Co Ltd, Jiangsu Linyang Energy, Suzhou Hyc Technology Co., Ltd, Addsino Co Ltd, Chongqing Chuanyi Automation Co.,ltd, Shenzhen Topband C, Changzhou Fusion New Material Co.,ltd, Shanghai Liangxin, D/f Electronics Co, Sineng Electric Co, Henan Yicheng New, Hexing Electrical Co.,ltd, Shenzhen Clou Elec, Suzhou Sushi Test, Triumph Science & Technology Co., Ltd, Rigol Technologies, Shanghai Feilo Acoustics Co., Ltd, Focuslight Technologies Inc., Shanghai Aohua Photoelectricity Endoscope, Hunan Zhongke Elec, Cosco Shipping Tec, Beijing Aerospace Shenzhou Intellig, Gl Tech Co Ltd, Zhejiang Dali Tech, Acrel Co Ltd, Wecome Intelligent Manufacturing Co.,ltd., Keli Sensing Technology (Ningbo) Co.,ltd., Suzhou Tztek Technology Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Jieshun S, Henan Thinker Automatic Equipment Co.,ltd, Donghua Testing Te, Nanjing Xinlian El, Zhongyeda Electric, Guangdong Fangyuan New Materials Group, Rongcheer Industri, Goldcard Smart Gp, Wuxi Xinje Electric Co.,ltd., Nanjing Gova Technology, Phenix Optics Company Limited, Hanwei Electronics, Kewell Technology Co., Ltd, Wiscom System Co, Shanghai Hi-tech C, Shanghai Holystar Information Technology, Fujian Nebula Elec, Suzhou Hengmingda, Ningbo Jianan Elec, Shenzhen Liande Au, Hangzhou Huaxing C, Hangzhou Shenhao T, Uni-trend Technology China Co.,ltd, Wuhan East Lake High Technology Groupe Co.,ltd., Xingyuan Environme, Uroica Precision I, Feitian Technologi, Xi’an Manareco New Materials Co Ltd, Shenzhen Everbest, Shenzhen Zhengtong, Shanghai W-ibeda High, Guangdong Chaohua, Chengdu Zhimingda Electronics Co Lt, Camelot Electronic, Saimo Technology C, Guangzhou Fangbang Electronics Co.,ltd, Shenzhen Anche Tec, Chongqing Massci, Integrated Electro, Smartgen (Zhengzho, Fujian Acetron New, Beijing Beetech In, Changchun Zhiyuan, Anhui Landun Photo, Kinco Automation Shanghai Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Wuyang, Hangzhou Everfine, Anhui Wanyi Science And Technology, Ningbo Techmation Co.,ltd., Wisesoft Co Ltd, Dianguang Explosio, Shenzhen Bestek Te, Hangzhou Kelin Electric Co Ltd, Jiangsu Skyray Ins, Wuhan Zhongyuan Hu, Zhejiang Tailin Bi, Shenzhen Maxonic, Hebei Sailhero Env, Lihe Technology (H, Beijing Const Inst, Hangzhou Guotai En, Henan Splendor Sci, Jiangsu Kuangshuna, Beijing Labtech Instruments, Beijing Aritime Intelligent Control, Beijing Yupont Electric Power Technology Co.,ltd., Red Phase Inc, Guangdong High Dre, Huizhong Instrumen, Gz Kingteller Tech, Sms Electric Co Lt, Smartgiant Technology, Sinosun Technology, Jiangxi Everbright, Careray Digital Medical Technology, Hangzhou Xili Intelligent Technology, Shanghai Sk Petrol, Zhejiang Heda Technology, Shanghai Welltech, Hefei Gocom Information Technology Co.,ltd., Anhui Huaqi Enviro, Nanhua Instruments, Sansheng Intellect.
  • Specialty Food And Candy : Foshan Haitian Flavouring And Food Company Ltd., Anjoy Foods Group Co.,ltd., Angel Yeast Co.,ltd, Meihua Holdings Group Co.,ltd, Chacha Food Co Ltd, Chongqing Fuling Z, Qianhe Condiment And Food Co., Ltd, Sichuan Teway Food Group Co., Ltd, Cspc Innovation Ph, Jinan Shengquan Group Share Holding Co.,ltd., Sanquan Food Co, Anhui Jinhe Indust, Huabao Flavours &, Ligao Foods Co Ltd, Chenguang Biotech, Namchow Food Group Shanghai), Star Lake Bioscience Co.,inc. Zhaoqing Guangdong, Wellhope Foods, Jiahe Foods Industry, Ganyuan Foods Co, Yantai China Pet F, Zhongyin Babi Food Co.,ltd., Jinzai Food Group, Zhengzhou Qianweiy, Yan Tai Shuang Ta, Guilin Layn Natura, Shandong Bailong Chuangyuan Bio-tech Co.,ltd., Shanghai Laiyifen, Lotus Health Group Company, Xiwang Foodstuffs, Ganso Co., Ltd, Zhongjing Food Co, Jinjian Cereals Industry Co.,ltd., Jiajia Foodstuff G, Nanning Sugar Indu, Youyou Foods, Chen Ke Ming Food, Tianshui Zhongxing, Apple Flavor & Fragrance Group Co., Ltd, Guilin Seamild Foo, Petpal Pet Nutriti, Qingdao Richen Food Co.,ltd., Baolingbao Biology, Kunshan Asia Aroma, Haoxiangni Health, Yantai North Andre Juice, Chalkis Health Ind, Tianjin Guifaxiang, Shanghai Menon Ani.
  • Life And Health Insurance : Cofco Capital Hold.
  • Home Furnishings : Fuyao Glass Industry Group, Oppein Home Group Inc., Lens Technology Co, Jason Furniture Hangzhou Co.,ltd., Zhuzhou Kibing Group Co., Ltd, Csg Holding Co, Suofeiya Home Col, De Rucci Healthy S, Xilinmen Furniture Co.,ltd., Zbom Home Collection Co.,ltd, Yotrio Group Compa, Triumph New Energy Company Limited, Gansu Jingang Sola, Aupu Home Style Corporation Limited, Goldenhome Living, Wg Tech Jiangxi Co., Ltd, Hhc Changzhou Corp, Healthcare Co.,ltd, Guangzhou Shangpin, Keeson Technology Corporation Limited, Markor International Home Furnishings, Shanghai Shuixing Home Textile, Yangzhou Jinquan Travelling Goods, Xiamen R And T Plu, Qumei Home Furnishings Group Co., Ltd, Hunan Hualian Chin, Dong Yi Ri Sheng H, Guangzhou Holike Creative Home Co.,ltd., Guangdong Piano Cu, Huida Sanitary Ware Co.,ltd., Chongqing Zhengchuan Pharmaceutical Packaging Co.,ltd., Hunan Mendale Home, Zhejiang Zhengte C, D&o Home Collecti, Nanjing Olo Home Furnishing Inc., Anhui Deli Househo, Zhejiang Truelove, Zhang Xiaoquan Inc, Guangdong Songfa Ceramics, Chengdu Qushui Sci, Guangdng Sitong Group Co.,ltd, Profit Cultural An, Guangdong Topstron, A-zenith Home Furnishings Co. Ltd., Zoy Home Furnishing.
  • Coal : China Shenhua Energy Company Limited, Shaanxi Coal Industry Company Limited, Yankuang Energy Group Company Limited, China Coal Energy Company Limited, Shanxi Coking Co.e, Shanxi Luan Environmental Energy Development Co.,ltd., Jiangsu Xukuang Energy Co. Ltd, Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal Company Limited, Huaibei Mining Holdings Co.,ltd., Shan Xi Hua Yang Group New Energy Co.,ltd., Shanxi Meijin Ener, Jizhong Energy Res, Pingdingshan Tianan Coal Mining, Jinneng Holding Shanxi Coal Industry Co.,ltd., Gansu Energy Chemi, Guizhou Panjiang Refined Coal Co.,ltd., Shanxi Lanhua Sci-tech Venture Co.,ltd, Shan Xi Coking Co.,ltd, Anhui Hengyuan Coal Industry And Electricity Power, China Coal Xinji Energy, Shanghai Datun Energy Resourses Co.,ltd., Henan Dayou Energy Co., Ltd, Kailuan Energy Chemical Corporation Limited, Beijing Haohua Energy Resource, Shaanxi Heimao Coking, Baotailong New Materials, Ccs Supply Chain Management, Liaoning Energy Industry Co.,ltd, Zhengzhou Coal Industry & Electric Power Co.,ltd., Yunnan Yunwei Company Limited, Yunnan Coal & Energy Co.,ltd., Jikai Equipment Ma, Sundiro Holding Co.
  • Aluminum : Yunnan Aluminium, Shandong Nanshan Aluminium Co., Ltd, Inner Mongolia Dia, Tianshan Aluminum, Henan Shenhuo Coal, Guangdong Hec Technology Holding Co., Ltd, Innovation New Material Technology, Jiangsu Dingsheng New Materials Joint-stock Co.,ltd, Shanghai Huafon Aluminium Corporation, Henan Mingtai Al. Industrial Co.,ltd., Henan Zhongfu Industry Co.,ltd, Xinjiang Joinworld Co.,ltd., Jiangsu Asia-pacif, Yechiu Metal Recycling (China) Ltd., Jiaozuo Wanfang Al, Yinbang Clad Mater, Guangdong Hoshion, Chongqing Shunbo, Jiangxi Geto New M, Shandong Chiway In, Jiangsu Alcha Alu, Zyf Lopsking Alumi, Guangdong Haomei N, Nantong Haixing Electronics, Changzhou Evergree, Fujian Minfa Alumi, Shenzhen Sunxing Light Alloys Materials, Jiangsu Lidao New Material, Guangdong Huafeng, Ningbo Fubang Jingye Group Co,.ltd.
  • Newspapers Publishing : Co.,ltd, Zhejiang Huamei Ho, Huawen Media Group.
  • Agricultural Chemicals : Qinghai Salt Lake, Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Co.,ltd., Sichuan New Energy, Shandong Weifang R, Sichuan Hebang Biotechnology Co.,ltd., Xinyangfeng Agricu, Zhejiang Xinan Chemical Industrial Group Co.,ltd, Sichuan Dev Lomon, Chengdu Wintrue Ho, Lier Chemical Co, Hubei Yihua Chem, Huapont-life Scien, Holitech Technolog, Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical & Chemicals, Fanli Digital Technology Co., Ltd, Anhui Huilong Agri, Jiang Su Suyan Jingshen Co.,ltd, Stanley Agricultur, Hailir Pesticides And Chemicals Group Co.,ltd., Anhui Sierte Ferti, Shenzhen Noposion, Shenzhen Batian Ec, Hefei Fengle Seed, Kingenta Ecologic, Sino-agri Leading Biosciences Co.,ltd., Nanjing Red Sun Co, Sichuan Meifeng Ch, Hunan Haili Chemical Industry Co.,ltd., Zhejiang Qianjiang Biochemical Company Limited, Jiangsu Flag Chemi, Sichuan Guoguang, Guizhou Chitianhua Co.,ltd., Jiangsu Changqing, Bsm Chemical Co Lt, Kunming Chuan Jin, Limin Chemical Co, Shandong Cynda Chemical Co.,ltd., Jiangsu Huifeng Bi, Shandong Sino-agri, Zhejiang Xinnong C, Suli Co.,ltd., Anhui Liuguo Chemical Co.,ltd., Shaanxi Meibang Pharmaceutical Group, Jiangsu Fengshan Group, Norsyn Crop Techno, Guangxi Hechi Chem, Jiangsu Lanfeng Bi.
  • Catalog And Specialty Distribution : Three Squirrels In, Beijing Zhidemai T.
  • Alcoholic Beverages : Kweichow Moutai Co.,ltd., Wuliangye Yibin Co, Luzhou Lao Jiao Co, Shanxi Xinghuacun Fen Wine Factory Co.,ltd, Jiangsu Yanghe Bre, Anhui Gujing Distl, Tsingtao Brewery Company Limited, Jiangsu Kings Luck Brewery Joint ? Stock Co., Ltd, Shede Spirits, Anhui Yingjia Distillery Co.lid., Chongqing Brewery Company Limited, Anhui Kouzi Distillery, Beijing Yanjing Br, Jiugui Liquor Co, Hebei Hengshui Laobaigan Liquor, Guangzhou Zhujiang, Yantai Chang Yu Pi, Anhui Golden Seed Winery Co.,ltd., Xinjiang Yilite Industry Co.,ltd., Jinhui Liquor Co.,ltd., Zhejiang Guyuelongshan Shaoxing Wine, Shanghai Guijiu, Qinghai Huzhu Tian, Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co.,ltd., Hainan Yedao Group Co.,ltd, Shanghai Jinfeng Wine Company Limited, Gansu Huangtai Win, Fujian Yanjing Huiquan Brewery Co.,ltd, Weilong Grape Wine, Gdh Supertime Grou, Lanzhou Huanghe En, Gansu Mogao Industrial Development Co.,ltd., Tonghua Grape Wine Co.,ltd., Tibet Development.
  • Office Equipment And Supplies : Ningbo Huaxiang El, Mcc Meili Cloud Co, Zhejiang Dafeng Industry Co., Ltd, Shenyang Jinbei Automotive Company Limted, Shenzhen Comix Gro, Zhejiang Henglin Chair Industry, Loctek Ergonomic T, Guangbo Group Stoc, Ue Furniture, Hangzhou Todaytec.
  • Internet Software And Services : East Money Informa, Mango Excellent Me, Xinhuanetco.,ltd., Col Group Co Ltd, Zhejiang Netsun Co, Sichuan Newsnet Me, Sichuan Hezong Med, Sublime China Info.
  • Engineering And Construction : China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited, China Railway Group Limited, China Communications Construction Co.,ltd, China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, Power Construction Corporation Of China,ltd. Powerchina Ltd., Sichuan Road & Bridge Group Co.,ltd., Metallurgical Corporation Of China Ltd., China National Chemical Engineering Co.,ltd., Sinoma International Engineering Co.,ltd., Zhejiang Weiming Environment Protection Co.,ltd., Offshore Oil Engineering, China Energy Engineering Corporation Limited, China Nuclear Engineering Corporation Limited, China Southern Power Grid Technolog, Shanghai Construction Group Co., Ltd, Guangdong Hongda H, Guangdong No.2 Hyd, Shaanxi Construction Engineering Group Corporation Limited, Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co.,ltd., Zhejiang Construct, Jinko Power Technology, Cssc Science & Technology Co., Ltd, Guangdong Prov Exp, China Aluminum International Engineering Corporation Limited, Wuxi Taiji Industry Company Limited., China Camc Enginee, Chongqing Sanfeng Environment Group Corp., Ltd., Beijing Gehua Catv Network, Zhejiang Communica, Shandong Hi-spee, Xinjiang Communica, Anhui Construction Engineering Group Corporation Limited, Jiangxi Ganyue Expressway Co.,ltd., Jiangsu Zeyu Intel, Beijing Spc Enviro, Huadian Heavy Industries Co.,ltd., Tianjin Capital Environmental Protection Group, Shanghai Research Institute Of Building Sciences Group, Jsti Group, Arcplus Group Plc, Cofco Technology &, Guangzhou Metro De, Shanghai Geoharbour Construction Group, Long Yuan Construction Guoup Co.,ltd, Fujian Yongfu Powe, Xinjiang Beixin Ro, Hubei Chutian Smart Communication Co.,ltd., East Cn Eng S&t Co, Chongqing Road & Bridge Co.,ltd, Jishi Media, Anhui Transport Consulting & Design Institute, Shanghai Pudong Construction Co.,ltd., Zhejiang Yasha Dec, Hongrun Construct, Shenzhen Urban Tra, Lingnan Eco&cultur, Ningbo Construction Co., Ltd, Hainan Expressway, Hainan Jingliang, Hunan Baili Engineering Sci&tech, China Zhonghua Geo, Sinoma Energy Conservation Ltd., China Haisum Engin, Dongzhu Ecological Environment Prot, Longjian Road & Bridge Co.,ltd., Cecep Guozhen Envi, China Bester Group Telecom Co.,ltd., Super Telecom Co.,ltd., Anhui Gourgen Traffic Construction Co.,ltd., Dayu Water-saving, Tengda Construction Group Co.,ltd., Jiangsu Libert Inc., Changzhou Architec, Poly Union Chemica, Shanghai Urban Arc, Zhong Fu Tong Grou, Fujian Tendering C, Zhengyuan Geomatics Group Co.,ltd., Acter Technology Integration Group, Shenzhen Glory Med, Guangdong Liantai Environmental Protection Co.,ltd., Shenzhen New Land, L&k Engineering(Suzhou)co.,ltd., Anhui Zhonghuan En, Shanghai Cdxj Digital Technology Co.,ltd., Zhejiang Reclaim C, Shenzhen Zhongzhua, Tus Design Group C, Huitong Construction Group Co.,ltd., Guizhou Transportation Planning Survey&design Academe Co.,ltd., S/h Yanhua Smart G, Shenzhen Water Pla, C&d Holsin Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Hongtao G, Fujian Newchoice P, Shanghai National, Arts Group Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Strongtea, Shenzhen Capol Int, Lay-out Planning C, Zhengping Road & Bridge Construction, Haibo Heavy Engine, Chengdu Rd & Bridg, Kingfore Energy Group Co Ltd, Hangzhou Freely Communication, Shenwu Energy Savi, Jilin Jlu Communic, Decai Decoration Co.,ltd, Suzhou Institute Of Building Science Group, Hunan Investment, Beijing Airport High-tech Park Co.,ltd., Shenzhen Grandlan, Hanjia Design Grou, Shenzhen Jianyi De, Csd Water Service, Shenzhen Wenke Lan, Shenzhen Cheng Chu, Zhongyan Technolog, Zhubo Design Co Lt, Beijing New Space Technology, Anhui Provincial, Zhejiang Youpon In, Zhenhai Petrochemical Engineering, Anhui Tongyuan Environment Energy Saving Co.,ltd., Hualan Group Co Lt, Jiangsu Zhongshe G, Sinodaan Co Ltd, Zhejiang Lianxiang Smart Home Co Lt, Ycic Eco-technolog, Shenzhen Mingdiaoa, Shanghai Hyp-arch, Shenzhen Magic Des, Shn Fountain Corp, Shanghai Trendzone Holdings Group Co.,ltd, Zhongtongguomai Communication Co Lt.
  • Apparel And Footwear Retail : Kidswant Children, Shenzhen Hemei Gro.
  • Other Consumer Specialties : Lao Feng Xiang Co.,ltd., Dr Corporation Ltd, Guangdong Chj Indu, Zhejiang Ming Jewe, Shenyang Cuihua Go, Beijing Kingee Cul.
  • Electronic Components : Luxshare Precision, Chaozhou Three-cir, Ninestar Corp, Avary Holding (She, China Zhenhua Scie, Shennan Circuits C, Wus Printed Circui, Xiamen Faratronic Co.,ltd., Guizhou Space Appl, Wuhan Jingce Elect, Shenzhen Fastprint, Hefei Meyer Optoel, Accelink Technolog, Shenzhen Kinwong Electronic Co.,ltd., Wuhan Dr Laser Tec, Victory Giant Tech, Zhuzhou Hongda Ele, Nantong Jianghai C, Fujian Torch Electron Technology, Shenzhen Evenwin P, Wuhu Token Science, Beijing Yuanliu Hongyuan Electronic Technology Co.,ltd., Electric Connector, Suntak Technology, Primarius Technologies Co., Ltd, Caihong Display Devices Co.,ltd., Founder Technology Group, Advanced Fiber Res, Aoshikang Technolo, Mloptic Corp., Bafang Electric Suzhou Co.,ltd., Castech Inc, Shenzhen United Winners Laser Co.,ltd., Shengyi Electronics, Olympic Circuit Technology Co.,ltd, Hunan Aihua Group C0.,ltd., Ningbo Yongxin Optics, Qingdao Novelbeam Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Ellington Electronics Technology, Qingdao Eastsoft C, Shenzhen Click Tec, Shenzhen Colibri T, Changchun Up Optot, Shenzhen Jufei Opt, Bomin Electronics, Xiamen Hongxin Ele, Zhejiang Lante Optics Co.,ltd., Wenzhou Yihua Conn, Shn Seg Co, Shenzhen Jingquanh, Xiamen Leading Optics, Zbit Semiconductor, Inc., Hi-trend Technology Shanghai, Yutong Heavy Industries Co.,ltd., Jutze Intelligent, Zhejiang Yonggui E, Shenzhen Jpt Opto-electronics, Huizhou China Eagl, Gosuncn Technology, Dongguan Dingtong Precision Metal Co.,ltd., Yd Electronic Tech, Newonder Special E, Foshan Nationstar, Dongguan Yutong Op, Guangdong Goworld, Jinlong Machinery&, Unionman Technology, Shenzhen Edadoc Te, Costar Group Co Lt, Changshu Tianyin E, Union Optech Co Lt, Hangzhou Star Shua, Sihui Fuji Electro, Sunshine Global Ci, Shanghai Laimu Electronics Co.,ltd, Ji’an Mankun Techn, Guangdong Kingshin, Anhui Tongfeng Electronics Company Limited, Wcon Electronics (, Optowide Technologies, Shenzhen Jove Ente, Fujian Forecam Optics Co.,ltd., Jiangsu Allfavor I, Zhejiang Zuch Tech, Guangdong Cellwise Microelectronics Co., Ltd, Hefei Metalforming Intelligent Manufacturing, Hong Ri Da Tech Co, Beijing Jcz Technology Co.,ltd., Hubei Doti Micro T, No.15 Xinke Road,xinbei District,changzhou, Jiangsu, Shenglan Technolog, Jiaxing Zmax Optec Co.,ltd, Shenzhen King Brot, Tianjin Printronic, Optics Technology, Jiangsu Xiehe Electronic Co.,ltd, Shenzhen Xunjiexing Technology Corp. Ltd, Wuhan Golden Laser, Highbroad Advanced.
  • Building Products : Spic Industry-fina, Arrow Home Group C, Sto Express Co Ltd, Shanghai Mechanical & Electrical Industry, Center International Group Company Limited, Arctech Solar Holding, Qingdao East Steel, Jangho Group, Zhenjiang Dongfang, Zhejiang S/east Sp, Jiangsu Boamax Tec, Era Co Ltd, Canny Elevator Co, Guangzhou Guangri Stock Co.,ltd., Monalisa Group Co, Xiamen Solex High-tech Industries, Runa Smart Equipme, Shenyang Yuanda In, Shenzhen Bauing Co, Solareast Holdings Co.,ltd., Suzhou Huaya Intel, Nanjing Kangni Mechanical & Electrical, Bisen Smart Access, China Fangda Gp Co, Shanghai Everjoy H, Yimikang Tech Grou, Zhejiang Walrus Ne, Jiangsu Hengshang Energy Conservation Technology, Zhejiang Three Stars New Materials Co.,ltd., Wuchan Zhongda Ger, Ife Elevators Co L, Guangzhou Seagull, Sicher Elevator Co, Jiayu Holding Co L, Zhe Jiang Mei Lun Elevator, Flying Technology Co.,ltd, Xiong’an New Power, Xuancheng Valin Precision Technology, Zhejiang Yayi Meta, Elegant Home-tech, Jiangsu Seagull Cooling Tower Co.,ltd., General Elevator C, Suzhou Yangtze New.
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Hual. 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Drugstore Chains : Yifeng Pharmacy Chain, Lbx Pharmacy Chain Joint Stock Company, Yixintang Pharmace, Jianzhijia Pharmaceutical Chain Gp, Shuyu Civilian Pha, Anhui Huaren Healt, Beijing Konruns Pharmaceutical Co.,ltd., Luyan Pharma Co Lt, Nanhua Bio-medicin, Shanghai No.1 Pharmacy. Other Metals And Minerals : Xinjiang Daqo New Energy Co Ltd, Zhejiang Huayou Cobalt, Jiangxi Copper Company Limited, Sinomine Resource, Western Superconducting Technologies Co.,ltd., Jinduicheng Molybdenum Co.,ltd, China Rare Earth R, Tongling Nonferrou, Chengxin Lithium G, Yunnan Chihong Zinc&germanium Co.,ltd., Xiamen Tungsten Corp., Western Mining, Yunnan Tin, Shenghe Resources Holding Co. 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Movies And Entertainment : Songcheng Performa, Wanda Film Holding, China Film, Beijing Enlight Me, Beijing Jetsen Tec, Zhejiang Huace Fil, Shanghai Film Corporation, Bona Film Group Co, Hengdian Entertainment Co.,ltd, Zhejiang Sunriver Culture Tourism Co.,, Huayi Brothers Med, Beijing Baination, China Television Media,ltd., Zhejiang Talent Te, Cultural Investment Holdings, Xian Qujiang Cultural Tourism Co.,ltd., Guangzhou Jinyi Me, Omnijoi Media Corp, Tvzone Media, Wuhan Ddmc Culture. Railroads : Beijing-shanghai High Speed Railway, Daqin Railway, Guangshen Railway Company Limited, China Railway Tielong Container Logistics Co., Ltd, China High-speed R, Chengdu Tangyuan E. Auto Parts: Oem : Weichai Power Co, Jiangsu Hengli Hydraulic, Ningbo Tuopu Group Co.,ltd., Huizhou Desay Sv, Huayu Automotive Systems Company Limited, Kuang-chi Technolo, Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems Co., Ltd, Hubei Energy Gr Co, Bethel Auto Safety Systems, Hainan Drinda New, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp.,ltd, Ningbo Xusheng Group, Keboda Technology, Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Co.,ltd, Zhejiang Shuanghua, Jiangsu Xinquan Automotive Trim Co.,ltd, Ikd, Shanghai Daimay Automotive Interior, Wanxiang Qianchao, Sensteed Hi Tech G, Anhui Zhongding Se, Ningbo Jifeng Auto Parts Co.,ltd., Weifu High-tech, Zotye Automobile C, Lizhong Sitong Lig, Foryou Corporation, Fulin Precision Co, Zhejiang Wanfeng, Shanghai Aerospace Automobile Electromechanical Co.,ltd, Zhejiang Wanliyang, Zhejiang Yinlun Ma, Wencan Group Co.,ltd., Chuzhou Duoli Auto, Beijing Tianyishangjia New Material Corp., Ltd., Shanghai Baolong Automotive Corporation, Guangdong Hongtu T, Zhuzhou Times New Materials Technology Co.,ltd., Huada Automotive Technology Corp.,ltd, Hyunion Holding Co, Fawer Automotive P, Fortior Technology Shenzhen Co., Ltd., Sichuan Chengfei I, Chongqing Zongshen, Changchun Engley Automobile Industry Co.,ltd., Lingyun Industrial Corporation Limited, Jiangsu Changshu Automotive Trim Group, Kuangda Technology, Kunshan Huguang Auto Harness, Zhejiang Asia-paci, Changchun Faway Automobile Components Co., Ltd, Guizhou Guihang Aotomotive Components Co., Ltd, Jee Technology, Dong Feng Electronic Technology Co.,litd., Feilong Auto Compo, Shinry Technologie, Xinzhi Group Co Lt, Ningbo Hengshuai C, Jiangsu Bojun Indu, Wuxi Best Precisio, Jiangsu Olive Sens, Beijing Wkw Automo, Changhua Holding Group, Shanghai Kelai Mechatronics Engineering Co.,ltd., Zhejiang Shibao, Jiangsu Nonghua In, Jing-jin Electric Technologies, Ningbo Fangzheng, Jiangnan Mould And, Jiangsu Pacific Pr, Jiangsu Yunyi Elec, Landai Technology, Wuxi Longsheng Tec, Shanghai Xinpeng I, Nanjing Chervon Auto Precision Technology Co., Ltd, Ningbo Zhongda Lea, Zhejiang Xiantong Rubber & Plastic Co.,ltd, Zhejiang Vie Scien, Gui Lin Fuda Co.,ltd, Hunan Tyen Machinery Co., Ltd, Chongqing Qin’an M&e Plc., Wuhu Sanlian Forgi, Shenzhen Roadrover, Wuhan Lincontrol Automotive Electronics, Zhejiang Tiancheng Controls Co.,ltd, Shenzhen Dawei Inn, Shentong Technology Group Co.,ltd, Zynp Corp, Mingxin Automotive Leather, Xuchang Yuandong D, Wuxi Zhenhua Auto Parts Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Dehong Automotive Electronic & Electrical, Changzhou Tenglong Auto Parts Co.,ltd., Sichuan Chuanhuan, Yantai Yatong Precision Mechanical Corporation, Fujian Longxi Bearing Group Co.,ltd., Sinocat Environmental Technology Co.,ltd., Bohai Automotive Systems, Zhejiang Zhaofeng, Xuelong Group Co.,ltd., Hefei Changqing Machinery Company Limited, Suzhou Jinhongshun Auto Parts, Changchai Co, Liaoning Sg Automotive Group, Ningbo Shuanglin, Nanjing Aolian Ae, Shandong Longji Ma, Hamaton Automotive, Haxc Holdings (Bei, Shandong Gold Phoenix Co.,ltd., Winstech Precision, Shenzhen Kaizhong, Changjiang Pharm, Zhejiang Jinfei Ka, Harbin Dongan Auto Engine Co.,ltd., Guangzhou Tongda Auto Electric Co.,ltd., Shandong Meichen E, Tianjin Pengling G, Gsp Automotive Group Wenzhou, Ningbo Yibin Elect, Shanghai Sinotec Co.,ltd, Baoding Dongli Mac, Ningbo Tianlong Electronics, Guangzhou Jinzhong, Shanghai Lianming Machinery Co.,ltd, Xiangyang Auto Bgs, Xingmin Intelligen, Hangzhou Zhengqian, Ningbo Gaofa Automotive Control System, Fuxin Dare Automot, Zhongjie (Jiangsu), Changshu Tongrun Auto Accessory, Nantong Chaoda Equ, Kailong High Techn, Guangdong Paisheng, Shanghai Beite Technology Co.,ltd., Actblue Co Ltd, Ningbo Shenglong Automotive Powertrainsystem Co.,ltd., Jiangsu New Tech G, Zhejiang Yueling C, Zhejiang Fenglong, Zhejiang Tieliu Clutch Co.,ltd., Wuxi Lihu Co Ltd, Zhejiang Zomax Transmission Co.,ltd., Dalian Demaishi Pr, Ningbo Tip Rubber Technology Co.,ltd, Changchun Yidong Clutch, Kehua Holdings, Hengli Industrial, Add Industry Zhejiang Co., Ltd, Huaiji Dengyun Aut, Shanghai Carthane Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Riying Electronics Co.,ltd., Nanning Baling Tec, Nanjng Yueboo Powe. Cable And Satellite Tv : Oriental Pearl Group, Jiangsu Broadcasting Cable Information Network Corporation Limited, Wasu Media Holding, Guangxi Radio & Television Informat, Hubei Broadcasting, Shenzhen Topway Vi, Shaanxi Broadcast & Tv Network Intermediary Group Major Diversified Food : Yihai Kerry Araw.h, Hebei Yangyuan Zhihui Beverage Co.,ltd., Yankershop Food Co, Jiangshu Hengshun Vinegar Co.,ltd, Shanghai Ziyan Food, Cheng De Lolo Co L, Shanghai Bolex Food Technology, Xiangpiaopiao Food Co Ltd, Jiangxi Salt Industry Group Co., Ltd, Suzhou Weizhixiang Food, Zhejiang Wufangzhai Industry Co.,ltd, V V Food & Beverage Co.,ltd, Qingdao Foods Co L, Anji Foodstuff Co., Ltd, Shandong Huifa Foodstuff Co.,ltd. Financial Conglomerates : China Industrial Securities Co.,ltd, Chinalin Securitie, Zhejiang Provincial New Energy Investment Group, Hainan Haide Ind C, Shanghai Environment Group, Zhejiang Sunoren Solar Technology, Luyin Investment Group Co.,ltd., Capital Securities Corporation Limited. Marine Shipping : Cosco Shipping Holdings, Ningbo Zhoushan Port Company Limited, China Merchants Energy Shipping, Cosco Shipping Energy Transportation, Cosco Shipping Development, Nanjing Tanker Corporation, Ningbo Ocean Shipping, Cosco Shipping Specialized Carriers, Shn Yan Tian Port, Rizhao Port Co.,ltd., Xingtong Shipping, Ningbo Marine Company Limited., Nanjing Shenghang, Chang Jiang Shippi. Containers And Packaging : Yunnan Energy New, China Intl Marine, Shenzhen Yuto Pack, Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co.,ltd, Org Technology Co, Shanghai Hiuv New Materials Co.,ltd, Shenzhen Leaguer C, Shenzhen C/h Techn, Jiangsu Sidike New, Shantou Dongfeng Printing Co.,ltd., Xiamen Jihong Pack, Shanghai Zijiang Enterprise Group Co.,ltd, Shanghai Baosteel Packaging Co.,ltd, Shandong Xinjufeng, Shantou Wanshun Ne, Crown Advanced Material, Mys Group Co Ltd, Z/j Great S/e Co L, Huangshan Novel Co, Zhejiang Zhongchen, Sunrise Group Comp, Anhui Guofeng New, Ningbo Solartron Technology, Jiangsu Hualan New, Shandong Linuo Tec, Xiamen Hexing Pack, Shenzhen Prince Ne, Jiamei Food Packag, Shanghai Shunho Ne, Zrp Printing Group, Kangxin New Materials, Shanghai Ailu Pack, Guangdong Leary New Material Technology Co.,ltd, Zhejiang Great Shengda Packaging Co.,ltd., Ningbo Homelink Ec, Zhuhai Zhongfu Ent, Zhejiang Haers Vac, Forest Packaging Group, Shanghai Haishun N, Xiamen Yanjan New, Suzhou Hycan Holdi, Ld Intelligent Tec, Shanghai Xintonglian Packing Co.,ltd, Shanghai Sunglow Packaging Technology Co., Ltd, Guangdong Tengen I, Shandong Huapeng Glass Co.,ltd. Major Telecommunications : China Telecom Corporation Limited, China United Network Communications Limited, Transsion Holdings, Guangdong South Ne, Nova Technology C. Airlines : Air China Limited, China Southern Airlines Company Limited, China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited, Hainan Airlines Holding Company Limited, Spring Airlines, Juneyao Airlines Co., Ltd, Milkyway Chemical Supply Chain Service Co.,ltd, China Express Airl, Citic Offshore Hel. Hotels And Resorts And Cruise Lines : Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotels Co.,ltd., Btg Hotels group, Huangshan Tourism Development Co.,ltd., Ssaw Hotels & Reso, Guangzhou Lingnan, Huatian Hotel Gp, Jinling Hotel Corporation,ltd., Shenzhen Quanxinha. Specialty Telecommunications : China Mobile Ltd (Hk), China Satellite Communications, Asr Microelectronics Co., Ltd, Cig Shanghai Co.,ltd., Guomai Technologie, Net263 Ltd, Juneyao Grand Healthy Drinks Co Ltd, Eastone Century Te, Guangzhou Frontop, Beijing Waluer Inf, Shunya Internatio. 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Oil And Gas Production : Jiangxi Jovo Energy Co Ltd, Oriental Energy Co, Zhongman Petroleum And Natural Gas Group, Tong Petrotech Cor. Medical And Nursing Services : Aier Eye Hospital, Guangzhou Kingmed Diagnostics Group, Meinian Onehealth, Dian Diagnostics G, Novogene, Shanghai Labway Cl, Tellgen Corporatio, Guangzheng Eye Hos. Internet Retail : Beijing United Information Technology Co.,ltd., Nanji E-commerce C, Huakai Yibai Techn, Hangzhou Onechance, Global Top E-comme, Rumere Co Ltd, Yiwu Huading Nylon Co.,ltd., Guangzhou Ruoyuche, Shanghai Kaytune I, Youkeshu Tech Co, Jiangsu Hongtu High Technology Co.,ltd. Computer Processing Hardware : Dawning Information Industry, Inspur Electronic, China Greatwall Te, Xiamen Meiya Pico, Willfar Information Technology, Pci Technology Group Co.,ltd., Lakala Payment Co, Xgd Inc, Fujian Start Group Co. Ltd, Sichuan Furong Technology, Zkteco Co Ltd, Jiangxi Firstar Pa, Guiyang Longmaster, Wuhan Tianyu Infor, Emdoor Information, Synthesis Electron, Shanghai Huaming I, Shenzhen Guohua Ne. Discount Stores : China Tourism Group Duty Free Corporation Limited. Semiconductors : Longi Green Energy Technology, Sungrow Power Supp, Tcl Zhonghuan Rene, Jinko Solar, Will Semiconductor Co., Ltd. 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  • Other Consumer Services : China Cyts Tours Holding Co.,ltd., Ferrotec (An Hui), Catarc Automotive, Yunnan Tourism Co, Utour Group Co Ltd, Lijiang Yulong Tou, Jiangsu Tianmu Lake Tourism Co.,ltd, Emei Shan Tourism, Beijing Jingxi Cul, Dongguan Kingsun O, Xi’an Tourism Co., Guilin Tourism Cor, Zhang Jia Jie Tour, Youngy Health Co L, Shenzhen Silver Ba, Caissa Tosun Devel, W/sante Cableways, Tibet Tourism Co.,ltd, Dalian Sunaisa Tourism Holdings Co.,ltd, Donglai Coating Technology shanghai co.,ltd, Shanghai Jinjiang International Travel Co., Ltd, Zjbc Information T.
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  • Non-alcoholic Beverages : Eastroc Beverage (Group) Co.,ltd., Shenzhen Cereals H, Zhe Jiang Li Zi Yuan Food Co,ltd, Nanfang Black Sesa, Sdic Zhonglu Fruit Juice Co.,ltd.
  • Alternative Power Generation : China Three Gorges Renewables (Group), Cecep Solar Energy, Fujian Funeng, Luenmei Quantum Co.,ltd, Nyocor Company Limited, Ningxia Jiaze Renewables Corporation Limited, Xinjiang Lixin Ene, Shanghai Nenghui T, Henan Bccy Environ, Guangdong Chant Gr, Shanghai Lingyun Industries Development.
  • Apparel And Footwear : Huali Industrial G, Youngor Group Co.,ltd., Hla Group Corp.,ltd., Biem L Fdlkk Garme, Tayho Advanced Mat, Zhejiang Semir Gar, Jihua Group Corporation Limited, Ningbo Peacebird Fashion, Lancy Co Ltd, Guangdong Golden G, Baoxiniao Holding, Dazzle Fashion, Jiangsu Hongdou Industrial, Toread Holdings Gr, Zhonghong Pulin Me, Joeone Co.,ltd., Aimer, Ribo Fashion Group, Zhejiang Sunrise Garment Group Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Ellassay Fashion Co.,ltd., Zhejiang Kanglongda Special Protective Technology, Fujian Septwolves, Xin Hee Co Ltd, Sh/metersbonwe F&a, Shandong High Spee, Jing Hong Fashion Group Co.,ltd., Zhejiang Bangjie H, Shenzhen Huijie Gr, Jinfa Labi Materni, Zhejiang Red Dragonfly Footware Co, Annil Co Ltd, Anzheng Fashion Group Co.,ltd, Zhejiang Jasan Holding Group Co.,ltd, Beijing Jiaman Dre, Qingdao Kutesmart, Wuxi Double Elepha, Zhejiang Cady Industry Co.,ltd., Guirenniao Co., Ltd, Guangdong Wanlimaa, Jiangsu Times Text, Zhejiang Giuseppe, Shanghai Dragon Corporation, Zhejiang Aokang Shoes, Topscore Fashion, Beijing Sanfo Outd, Guangdong Hongxing, Anhui Anli Materia, Hubei Mailyard Share Co. Ltd, Shanghai Kai Kai Industrial, Huasi Holding Comp, Harson Tarding (China) Co.,ltd., Sichuan Langsha holding, Guangdong Bobaolon, Qibu Corporation Limited, Zhejiang Busen Gar.
  • Computer Communications : Cict Mobile Communication Technology, Jade Bird Fire Co, Fujian Star-net Co, G/d Shenglu Tel Te, Shenzhen Bsc Techn, Gohigh Networks Co, Zhongfu Informatio, Guangdong Champion Asia Electronics Co.,ltd., Jiangsu Yunyong Electronics And Technology Co.,ltd, Dnake (Xiamen) Int, Wanma Technology C, Guangdong Anjubao, Wuhan Ligong Guang, Beijing Transtrue, Guangdong Weide Information Technology Co,.ltd., Beijing Bohui Science & Tech Co Ltd, New Sea Union Tech, Yarward Electronics Shandong Co L.
  • Hospital And Nursing Management : Huaxia Eye Hospita, Topchoice Medical, Xian International, Chengdu Bright Eye, Sanbo Hospital Man, Liaoning He Eye Ho.
  • Gas Distributors : Enn Natural Gas, China Suntien Green Energy Corporation Limited, Shenzhen Gas Corporation Ltd., Chongqing Gas Group Corporation Ltd., Foran Energy Group, Xinjiang Xintai Natural Gas Co Ltd, Top Resource Conse, Guizhou Gas Group Corporation Ltd., Chengdu Gas Group Corporation Ltd., Shaanxi Provincial, Shanghai Dazhong Public Utilities (Group) Co.,ltd, Henan Lantian Gas Co.,ltd., Shenzhen Guangju E, Anhui Province Natural Gas Development Co.,ltd., Shandong Shengli, Shanxi Meineng Cle, Xinjiang East Universe (Group) Gas Co., Ltd, Sichuan Shengda Fo, Delong Composite E, Xinjiang Torch Gas Co.,ltd.
  • Medical Distributors : Jointown Pharmaceutical Group Company Limited, Shinva Medical Instrument Co.,ltd., Shanghai Haohai Biological Technology Co. Ltd., Shn Neptunus Bio, Guangxi Liuyao Group Co., Ltd, Nanjing Pharmaceutical Company Limited, Goodwill E-health Info, Shanghai Lily&beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Shanghai New World Co.,ltd., Shanghai Universal, Maider Medical Industry Equipment, Hunan Dajiaweikang, Thalysï¼ÿmedicalï¼ÿtechnologyï¼ÿ Group Corporation., Rongfeng Holding G.
  • Telecommunications Equipment : Hangzhou Hikvision, Foxconn Industrial Internet, Zte Corp, Zhejiang Dahua Tec, Tcl Technology Gro, Wingtech Technology, Yealink Network Te, China Spacesat Co.,ltd., Tianjin 712 Communication & Broadcasting, Guangzhou Haige Co, Fiberhome Telecommunication Technologies Co.,ltd., Shenzhen Sunway Co, Skyworth Digital C, Yangtze Optical Fibre And Cable Joint Stock Limited Company, Digital China Grou, Fibocom Wireless I, Shanghai Huace Nav, Zhejiang Chengchan, Chengdu Corpro Tec, Quantumctek, Shenzhen Infinova, Eastern Communications Co.,ltd., Hytera Communicati, Sumavision Technol, Beijing Highlander, Jiangsu Etern, Citic Guoan Info, Jushri Technologie, Chengdu M&s Electronics Technology, Nanjing Panda Electronics Company Limited, Sichuan Jiuzhou El, Anhui Tatfook Tech, Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics Co.,ltd., Chengdu Spaceon El, Hubei Jiuzhiyang I, Hwa Create Corpora, Beijing Starneto T, Wuhan Fingu Electr, Tongyu Communicati, Shenzhen Phoenix T, Queclink Wireless, Chengdu Ksw Technologies Co.,ltd., 3onedata Co.,ltd, Sichuan Tianyi Com, Beijing Unistrong, Guangzhou Hi-targe, Shenzhen Consys Science&technology, Tatwah Smartech Co, Beijing Tricolor Technology, Zhejiang Shengyang Science And Technology Co.,ltd., Shenzhen Genvict T, H And R Century Un, Wuhan Yangtze Communication Industry Group Co.,ltd, Bangyan Technology Co.,ltd., Hillstone Networks Co.,ltd., Beijing Jiaxun Fei, Invengo Informatio, Suzhou Keda Technology Co.,ltd, Shenzhen Tvt Digit, Beijing Inhand Networks Technology, Hangzhou Cncr-it, Raisecom Technology Co.,ltd., Ningbo Bird Co.,ltd., Ght Co Ltd, Sunsea Aiot Techno, Jiangsu Yitong Hig, Suzhou Shijia Sci., Hangzhou Prevail O, Zhiyang Innovation Technology Co.,ltd., Avit Ltd, Allwin Telecommuni, Joyware Electronic, Zhuhai Raysharp Te, Fullink Technology, Beijing Hanbang Te, Nanjing Huamai Technology Co.;ltd., Gospell Digital Te, Shenzhen Coship El, Lootom Telcovideo, Nanjing Putian Tel, Colorlight Cloud T.
  • Major Diversified Chemicals : Zhejiang Longsheng Group Co.,ltd, Peric Special Gases, Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group Co.,ltd., Kingfa Sci.&tech. Co.,ltd., Xinxiang Richful L, China Resources Ch, Zhejiang Yongtai T, Valiant Co Ltd, Cnsig Inner Mongolia Chemical Industry, Hubei Jianghan New Materials, Jiangsu Shuangxing, Rianlon Corporatio, Jilin Chemical Fib, Jiangsu Huachang C, Guangzhou Sanfu New Materials Technology, Suqian Unitech Corp., Ltd., Shandong Sanyuan B, Zhejiang Huangma Technology Co.,ltd., Beijing Water Busi, Xinyaqiang Silicon Chemistry Co.,ltd, Jiangxi Hungpai New Material Technology Co.,ltd., China Reform Culture Holdings, Qingdao Huicheng E, Liao Ning Oxiranch, China Catalyst Holding Co.,ltd., Hubei Chaozhuo Aviation Technology, Huarong Chemical C, Yingkou Fengguang, Hunan Lead Power D, Anhui Huaertai Che, Shandong Taihe Tec, Dalianbio-chemco.,ltd., Shandong Yanggu Hu, Nanjing Well Pharmaceutical Group Co.,ltd., Ningbo Bohui Chemi, Shanghai Emperor Of Cleaning Hi-tech, Hubei Kailong Chem, Shandong Rike Chem, Ningxia Zhongke Biotechnology Co., Ltd, Shandong Polymer B, Hunan Hengguang Te, N/yinglight Chemic, Anhui Huangshan Ca, Jiangsu Zhengdan C, Jiangxi Selon Indu, Polyrocks Chemical Co., Ltd, Hubei Forbon Techn, Zhejiang Dayang Bi, Sichuan Dowell Sci.
  • Wholesale Distributors : Rongsheng Petro Ch, Cmoc Group Limited, Aluminum Corporation Of China Limited, Citic Metal Co Ltd, Wuchan Zhongda Group, Guangzhou Development Group Incorporated, Sinochem International Corporation, China National Gold Group Gold Jewellery Co.,ltd, Xinj Zhongtai Chem, Shn Zhongjin Lingn, Anhui Xinhua Media Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Cogeneration Group Co Ltd, Xinhua Winshare Publishing And Media, Norinco Intl Co, Yunnan Xiyi Indust, Jiangsu Azure Corp, Farsoon Technologies Co.,ltd., Minmetals Development, Zhongnongfa Seed Industry Group, Shandong Yulong Gold, Citic Guoan Wine Co.,ltd, Dongguan Aohai Tec, Tibet Huayu Mining Co Ltd, Pengxin International Mining Co.,ltd, State Power Rixin, Jiangsu High Hope International Corporation, Zheshang Developme, Tianjin Teda Co. L, Zhejiang He Chuan Technology Corpor, Dlg Exhibitions & Events Corporation Limited, Zhejiang Songyuan, Chongqing Port Co.,ltd., Shanghai Xinhua Media Co., Ltd, Shandong Nanshan F, Huludao Zinc Indus, Guomai Culture & M, Grand Industrial H, Gansu Engineering, China Nat Comp Pla, Shanghai Material Trading, Chengdu Haoneng Technology, Xinjiang Intl Ind, Shanghai Lonyer Data Co Ltd, Shenzhen Huakong S, Jinguan Electric Co Ltd, Innovation Medical, Gansu Guofang Industry & Trade group co.,ltd., Xinjiang Hongtong Natural Gas, Shanghai Luoman Lighting Technologies Inc., Doright Co Ltd, Zhe Jiang Dong Ri Co., Ltd, Lubair Aviation Te, Anyuan Coal Industry Group, Hunan Heshun Petroleum Co.,ltd, Shanghai Tianyong Engineering Co.,ltd, Guangdong Tianhe, Zhejiang Jindao Te, Fujian Oriental Silver Star Investment, Yantai Yuancheng Gold Co.,ltd ., Jiangsu Sainty Corp.,ltd., Jiangsu Holly Corporation, Fujian Sanmu Group, Kunshan Topa Intel, Nanjing Textiles Imp/exp Corp.,ltd., Panda Financial Holding Corp., Ltd., Shen Yang Commercial City Co.,ltd, Shanghai Sanmao Enterprise (Group), Shanghai Broadband Technology Co.,ltd.
  • Food Retail : Yonghui Superstores, Shanghai Bailian Group, Toly Bread, Bestore Co.,ltd, Chongqing Department Store Co.,ltd., Jiajiayue Group, Chengdu Hongqi Cha, Sanjiang Shopping Club Co.,ltd., Renrenle Commercia, Liqun Commercial Group Co., Ltd., Better Life Commer, Jiangxi Guoguang Commercial Chains Co.,ltd., Yinchuan Xinhua Commercial (Group) Co.,ltd., Zhongbai Holdings.
  • Agricultural Commodities And Milling : Muyuan Foods Co Lt, Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co.,ltd, Tongwei Co.,ltd, Wens Foodstuff Gro, Guangdong Haid Grp, New Hope Liuhe Co, Beijing Dabeinong, Juewei Food Co Ltd, Beijing Shunxin Ag, Fujian Sunner Deve, Heilongjiang Agriclture Company Limited, Yuan Longping High, Cofco Sugar Holding Co.,ltd., Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Reclamation And Development Co.,ltd, Jiangsu Lihua Anim, Leshan Giantstar Farming&husbandry Corporation Limited, Shandong Denghai S, Shan Dong Yisheng, Pengdu Agriculture, Yunnan Shennong Agricultural Industry Group Co.,ltd., Tecon Biology Co L, Shenzhen Agricultu, Tangrenshen Group, Winall Hi-tech See, Tech-bank Food Co, Orient Group Incorporation, Fujian Aonong Biological Technology Group, Luoniushan Co Ltd, Jg/zhengbang Tech, Shandong Xiantan C, Fujian Tianma Science And Technology Group Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Yike Food, Xinjiang Guannong Co.,ltd., Fujian Wanchen Bio, Shandong Minhe Ani, Guangdong Yuehai F, Gansu Yasheng Industrial Group Co.,ltd, Royal Group Co Ltd, Z/j Guolian Aquati, Daodaoquan Grain, Guangxi Yuegui Gua, Shenzhen Kingsino, Cnfc Overseas Fish, Hunan Xiangjia Ani, Shanghai Xuerong B, Shandong Homey Aquatic Development Co.,ltd., Gansu Dunhuang Seed Co.,ltd., Wanxiang Doneed, Hainan Shennong Te, Zuming Bean Produc, Ningxia Xiaoming, Zoneco Group Co Lt, Baotou Huazi Industry Co.,ltd., Great-sun Foods Co.,ltd., Springsnow Food Group Co Ltd, Jiangsu Chinagreen, Boen Group Co Ltd, Xinjiang Sayram Modern Agriculture Co.,ltd., Dahu Aquaculture, Baiyang Investment, Tongyi Carbon Neutral Technology (Xinjiang), Lontrue Co Ltd, Xinjiang Tiansh.ah, Hunan Zhenghong Sc.
  • Industrial Machinery : Gree Elec Applican, Shenzhen Inovance, Advanced Micro-fabrication Equipment Inc. China, Naura Technology G, Zhejiang Jingsheng, Zhejiang Sanhua In, Ningbo Deye Technology, Wuxi Lead Intellig, Range Intelligent, Acm Research (Shanghai), Inc., Zoomlion Hvy Ind S, Avic Aviation High-technology, Hoyuan Green Energy Co.,ltd, Huagong Tech Co, Shanghai Friendess Electronic Technology Corporation Limited, Wuxi Autowell Technology Co.,ltd, China Baoan Group, Shuangliang Eco-energy Systems Co.,ltd, Dongguan Yiheda Au, Han’s Laser Techno, Kingsemi, Beijing Huafeng Test & Control Technology, Siasun Robot & Aut, Sinomach Heavy Equipment Group Co.,ltd., China First Heavy Lndustries, Xiangtan Electric Manufacturing, Leader Harmonious Drive Systems, Beijing Originwate, Qingdao Haier Biomedical, Hangcha Group.,ltd., Opt Machine Vision Tech, Shenyang Machine T, Fujian Longking Co.,ltd, Tofflon Science An, Qingdao Gaoce Technology Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Han S Cnc, Infore Environment, Jingjin Equipment Inc., Harbin Boshi Autom, Ningbo Haitian Precision Machinery, Xi’an Shaangu Power, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co.,ltd., Shenzhen Envicool, Yantai Eddie Precision Machinery Co.,ltd, Kaishan Group Co, Leo Group Co Ltd, Kunshan Kinglai Hy, Shenzhen Zhaowei M, ϼÿshenzhen Xinyichang Technology Co.,ltd., Xizi Clean Energy, Autel Intelligent Technology Corp., Ltd., Zhejiang Dun An Ar, Pnc Process Systems Co.,ltd, S/hanbell Prec. 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  • Oil And Gas Pipelines : Sichuan Shudao Equ, Xinjiang Haoyuan N, Jinhong Holdings G.
  • Generic Pharmaceuticals : Haisco Pharmaceuti, Zhejiang Shouxiangu Pharmaceutical, Realcan, Tibet Duo Rui Phar.
  • Other Pharmaceuticals : Zhejiang Nhu Co, Shijiazhuang Yilin, By-health Co Ltd, Dong-e-e-jiao Co, Sichuan Swellfun Co.,ltd, China Meheco Group, China Resources Doublecrane Pharmaceutical Co.,ltd., Jilin Aodong Pharm, Porton Pharma Solu, Guangdong Zhongshe, New Journey Health, Jiangzhong Pharmaceutical, Shandong Xinhua Ph, Tibet Cheezheng Ti, Zhejiang Medicine Co.,ltd, Guilin Sanjin Phar, Aba Chemicals Corp, Shanghai Kaibao Ph, Lanzhou Foci Pharm, Tianjin Tianyao Pharmaceutical, Sirio Pharma Co Lt, Shanxi Zhendong Ph, Brother Enterprise, Kunming Longjin Ph, Guangdong Jiaying, Lionco Pharmaceutical Group Co.,ltd., Hunan Hansen Pharm, Weihai Baihe Biology Technological, Zhejiang Xinguang, Shandong Sinoglory Health Food, Tibet Aim Pharm In, Jilin Zixin Pharma.
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In conclusion, the business sector in China continues to propel the nation towards economic development. The country’s vast population, favorable policies, technological innovation, and infrastructural development have played a crucial role in this growth. China has become a leading global business hub and an attractive destination for investors worldwide. Thus, firms and investors who aim to benefit from the growth of the business sector should look to China as a potential market. Data taken in may 2023.

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