Holiday Vacation in Vietnam Capital

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Photo : Northboer/Wikimedia
Photo : Northboer/Wikimedia

Travelers like to walk away. If it still can be reached on foot, tourists would prefer to do it rather than having to use transport umu. More efficient, as well as more can be seen.When the weather is cool enough, Hanoi is very comfortable to be surrounded only by foot. Of course, travelers still struggling to cross the road is very crowded and disorganized. But it does not matter because it can be a part of the experience tour in Vietnam.

Enjoy the morning with a warm bowl of Pho bo and Vietnamese coffee with a view of Hoan Kiem Lake will certainly be able to provide energy to conquer the city. you can begin to walk down to the lake to reach the Hang Dao Street. Proceed to step foot arrived at the junction between the Hang Dau Giay and Hang. From here, travelers can turn to the left and down the road until it reaches the Cua Bac Cathedral. On the other side, there is a gate Bac Moi is also historic. Re-trace the same path to meet the Hung Vuong Street. Here tourists can turn left to go to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Complex. Before arriving at the Mausoleum, tourists can visit the Presidential Palace is located on the right road. In the vicinity there are also several other interesting attractions such as Ho Chi Minh Museum and One Pillar Pagoda. Travelers will spend considerable time in that location.

When satisfied, tourists can walk through Le Hong Pong to be able to see the tower of Hanoi Flag and Military Museum on Dien Bien Phu Street. On the right there is a way Lenin Park. Travelers can take a break at the park. Continue walking road travelers to arrive at Trang Thi Street. At the junction with the Quan Su Street, turn left to reach travelers Hang Da. Walk down continuously and you will arrive at Hang Da Market. There you can shop for souvenirs.

Actually, it took three days to be able to enjoy Hanoi as a whole. AROUND A day at Hoan Kiem Lake and the Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem District surrounds day and Ba Dinh, and another day to Perfume Pagoda. But of course not everyone has the free time to spare. Many tourists even just make Hanoi as a transit point to get to Halong Bay. Hanoi is actually quite pretty, and a time to get around the capital city of Vietnam is even in just one day.

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