Cultural Travel in Denpasar Museum and Monument

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Bali_MuseumBali has many unique museums and not to be missed when you visit this island. The following are several museums in bali you should visit

Museum Le Mayeur

In sanur well-known museums are the Museum Le Meyeur. This museum houses works of AJ Le Mayeur, a master painter from Belgians who settled in Bali since 1937 and spent ages in the Sanur area. Le Mayeur the Sanur beach was first introduced to the outside world.

Bali Art Centre

Arts center named Werdhi Cultural Park is located in the beautiful homeland of Denpasar. This is one of the widest and most complete for arts performances in bali. Every year at this great event held by the party name art bali which presents dozens of performances by hundreds of artists supporting.

Architecture design arts center was designed by renowned architect in Bali, Ida Bagus Tugur. By combining the concept of temple architecture and the royal palace in bali. In the exhibition hall displayed the works of painting and sculpture bali maestro. The work can you see every day from 09.00 to 17.00.

Complex cultural park is divided into four complexes, namely
– Complex includes the sacred temple garden beji, Selonding bale, bale pepaosan, and others.
– Quiet complex includes a library widya kusuma.
– The complex includes a half crowded exhibition hall mahudara Mandhara Bhuwana giri, building crafts, sculpture studio, guesthouse art, and wantilan.
– Bustling complex includes an open stage and a stage covered moon ardha Ksirarnawa.

To be able to enter this area, you Rp6000 charged as entrance fee. The cultural park complex you can easily reach. In addition to using a private vehicle or taxi, you can ride public transportation. From Kuta you can ride public transportation to the terminal at a cost Rp5000 tegal. From the terminal you have to replace the vehicle to the terminal at a cost Rp5000 moon rocks, then down the road dipertigaan beautiful homeland. From here you had to walk approximately 700 meters.

Again, because most of the families in Bali has several vehicles, public transportation in bali stalled and expensive. Therefore, instead of using public transportation, more comfortable renting a car or motorbike. Except, if you really intend to enjoy the adventure.

Museum Bali

This museum is one of the old buildings are still intact in Bali today. Located right in the heart of Denpasar. Just east of the naughtiest bellows field, adjacent to the Pura Agung Jagat Natha.

Bali museum comprises three main pavilion building tabanan namely, building Karangasem and Buleleng building. Used the concept of Tri Mandala is Nista Mandala, Madya Mandala, and of Mandala. In the right front corner in the middle there is a building called Bale Bengong. On the left front corner there is a building called Bale Kulkul.

Tabanan in the pavilion building which has a distinctive architecture tabanan county, antiquities stored as Bendan accessories, art, housewares, appliances ceremonies, and traditional weapons.

In Buleleng building that has kept north bali style architecture appliance household supplies, craft tools, agricultural tools and fishing, entertainment tools, primitive sculptures from clay, stone, and other.

In the building Karangasem Bali style architecture that has saved many objects eastern prehistory, archeology, ethnography, art, and modern paintings.

Bali museum has a collection of no less than 10 506 pieces including, manuscripts, coins, ceramics, porcelain and ancient.
In addition to the above three pavilions available also other facilities such as libraries, laboratories, and building exhibits. There is also a canteen that sells drinks and food to travelers. Admission fee to the museum is only Rp2000 bali.

Bellows Badung Monument

Bellows Badung Monument is located in the heart of Bali Denpasar in front of the museum. Monument is located on the north side of the field bellows once a battleground during the war bellows delinquent in 1906 when the Dutch invaded Denpasar.
Said bellows means final. So this monument is a memoriali form and a tribute to the people of Bali are doing final war against the Dutch to defend the honor and dignity. At that time, no less than four thousand people were killed, including the royal family Denpasar. Now monument bellows naughtiest be mute witness city of Denpasar community recreational activities that enliven the field blowing every afternoon.

Bajra Sandhi Monument

Bajra Sandhi monument is the struggle of the people bali. This monument as a symbol of respect to bali folk hero, a symbol of the spirit at the same time maintain the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. It is marked by the 17 stairs to the main door, 8 pole pieces inside the building grand monuments and monument towering as high as 45 meters.
In addition, the monument is located right in front of the governor’s office that describes a bali tall bell tower in the middle of the lotus, a symbol of the phallus and yoni meeting the nature of masculinity and femininity. Harmonization of these two properties will give birth fertility and prosperity.

The building is to apply the concept of Tri Mandala. The main part of the mandala itself composed over three floors. There is a major utamaning mandala, which is the top floor space of tranquility, where you can enjoy the scenery around the monument. Downstairs main madyaning called mandala. On this floor display 33 bali diorama depicting human civilization from prehistoric times to independence. All around this room there is an open terrace to enjoy the sights around. Floor under another main nistaning mandala is called the ground floor of the building monument. Here there is an information space, library, exhibitions, meetings, administration, and toilet. In the middle of the room there is a pool that is named Puser Tasik. In an eight-pole was stuck up with a grand staircase and a periwinkle flower shape.

Because it is located in the administrative center of the province of Bali, Bajra Sandhi Monument is very easy to reach from anywhere. You can visit by driving private vehicles, taxis, or by public transport. For the price of admission is only Rp2000 monument. (U.S. $ 1 = 10,000)

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