An Visit to Hoa Lo Prison or the Hanoi Hilton

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Photo : thalling55/Wikimedia
Photo : thalling55/Wikimedia

Hoa Lo Prison or the Hanoi Hilton is located at the corner of Hai Ba Trung Pho and Pho Hoa Lo. By purchasing a ticket for 10000 Dong, tourists have been able to get into the prison’s open every day. prison location easily reached on foot and is located in the southern part of the lake. Name Hoa Lo commonly translated as hell hole, or often called the stove. The prison was built in Hanoi by the French in 1901, when Vietnam was still part of French Indochina. Purpose of this prison construction to withstand the Vietnamese people, particularly political prisoners. At that time, the rebel leader who fought for the independence of Vietnam many are detained in this prison. Prison is supposed to hold a maximum of 600 prisoners had become home to more than 2000 prisoner. They were ill-treated and tortured.

Hoa Lo Prison Vietnam War

When a little look at the independence of many opponents of the French political prisoners who had been detained in Hoa Lo between 1930 and 1940. Those who later became the leader of communist Vietnam. The prisoners to share information, communist ideology, revolutionary doctrine, thus serving as an educational center. During the Vietnam war, the prison was used to hold prisoners of war the United States. They were imprisoned tortured and interrogated. The U.S. POWs sarcastically dubbed as Hoa Lo, refer at the Hilton Hotel chain.One ever held in Hoa Lo is Pete Peterson, who later became the first U.S. Ambassador in Vietnam.

Hoa Lo Prison Hanoi

Hoa Lo Prison was demolished in the mid-1990s. Only a portion of the building is still there and turned into a museum. Interrogation room and barracks have been renovated and certain prison conditions much better than the original.

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