Vietnam Water Puppet Show Theater

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Photo : Thomas Schoch/Wikimedia
Photo : Thomas Schoch/Wikimedia

To be able to watch a water puppet show, you should go to Thanglong Water Puppet Theatre is located at 57b Dinh Tien Hoang Street. Staging doll every day starting at 15.30. Vietnam water puppet show price for 100000 Dong for the front seats and 60,000 Dong for regular seats. Art water puppetry is a traditional art of Vietnam. This theater around this tourist area featuring art, many of which use English to help foreign tourists who dominate the bleachers.

Vietnam Water Puppets History

Similar to the art of puppetry in Indonesia, art dolls in traditional Vietnamese art is related to the spiritual life of the people. Different puppet art can be found all over the country. However, this art the most growing and most diverse in northern and lowland Vietnamese. Roi word has become a generic term used to name the village, pool, or pagoda. For example, the village of puppetry in Y Yen, Nam Dinh Province or pagoda Phu Xuyen, Ha Tay province, and so on. Water puppetry or in Vietnamese is called nuoc roi all the traditions that have developed since the 11th century. This art originated in the villages around the Red River Delta in North Vietnam. One of the areas that developed the art of water puppet this is the first time in Nguyen Xa, Dong Hung district, Thai Binh province.

Best Water Puppet Show in Vietnam

In the past, Vietnamese people believe that the spirit controls all aspects of their lives, ranging from the activities in the kitchen until the rice paddy. Water puppet created as a way for respect the spirits. at that time, an show used as a theater, as well as rice fields were flooded. In the early 1990s, three major water puppet theater, the Thang Long puppet group, the National Puppet Theatre, and a group of Ho Chi Minh doll getting international attention. They have been doing performances in various countries. In Vietnam, the two main theaters in the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre in Hanoi and the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre in Ho Chi Minh City.

Travelers get opportunity to watch art that is quite rare in Thang Long Theatre at the Old Quarter, this biggest theater serving in Vietnam water puppet show. The dolls are made of wood used. In each of the dolls are used long bamboo puppet puppeteer to control movement. The show is performed in a waist-deep pool. The controller stems and strings hidden in the water. While in there behind the scenes. Therefore, these dolls as if moving on the water. Weight of the dolls can reach 15 kg. pool used in the modern stage 4 x 4 meters, the pond water surface with stage. Water puppet show begins with some singing. The Vietnamese traditional song accompanied by the sound of the music, which will continue to be played throughout the performance. Some musical instruments are commonly used in the water puppet show is a cymbal, wooden bells, bamboo flute, drums, gongs and trumpets.

The singers sing cheol, a kind of opera originating from North Vietnam. He tells sung play that is being staged.Usually the theme related to daily life in the countryside, which generally have an element of comedy. Thang Long Theatre colored bright red, the color that is commonly used in Vietnam. Flag fluttering around the stage. The show lasted for about 45 minutes, when tourists visiting Hanoi. Do not miss the traditional Vietnamese Water Puppet show is very popular.

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