Lake Beratan and Bedugul

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pura_ulun_danu_bratanBeratan Lake is a lake that is parallel to the other two major lakes namely Tamblingan and Buyan which is a cluster of twin lakes inside a huge caldera. The best place to enjoy the beauty of this lake is located in Bedugul area Candikuning village, Tabanan. This region is the border between Tabanan and Buleleng.

Bedugul is located about 50 kilometers from Denpasar. Location not far from from the provincial roads to link the city of Denpasar with a Singaraja city so it is easy to reach by car. From Kuta, you need about two hours to get to the tourist areas that have temperatures 18-22 degrees Celsius in the day and 10-16 degrees Celsius at night.

From Bedugul, Beratan Lake landscape looks very beautiful. Expanse of the lake makes the eyes cool and comfortable. On the west side, jutting into the middle of the lake there is a temple with a towering majestically named Meru Ulun Danu. Built around XVI century. This temple is a place of worship for Dewi Danu or Dewi Sri as the goddess of prosperity. This temple is also one of the tourist icon in addition to Tanah Lot Bali, Pura Besakih, Barong, Kecak and Legong. This temple has millions of photos spread out on the lawn, newspapers, magazines, postcards, and books.

Along the road to the temple, you get a beautiful view of the expanse treats beautiful garden with variety of flowers. Then, after passing through the path, you will arrive at the front gate of the Pura Ulun Danu. Before you go, try to look to the left, you will see the unique temple. This temple is a Buddhist prayer facility is still used.

After enjoying the beauty of the Pura Ulun Danu, you can enjoy the beauty of the lake better. By way around using a paddle boat, can also use a motor boat. With the rental rate of 50,000 per boat, or motor boat at a rate of 25,000 per 20 minutes, you can see the natural beauty of Bali on the banks of Lake Beratan. But, the beauty that you can not see if you come during the rainy season, especially if the new arrival in the lake at four in the afternoon. At that time the fog usually covers the entire view of the lake. If you like fishing, you can go to the fishing area by paying only Rp5000.
In the area there is also a face painter or paint a self-portrait can you face in just 15 minutes. Only the cost of Rp10,000 per painting, try and get your face in the painting would be cool.

Headed to Lake Beratan

Denpasar path through Bedugul, Alas Kedaton, to Tanah Lot is one route that have very nice panorama from Denpasar to Bedugul. The admission price for Lake Beratan Rp7500 per person.

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