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Pura_tanah_lot_distanceTabanan is an area that is very well known and frequently visited by tourists. here you’ll find natural beauty remedy. The following below are some parks and villages need to visit when in Tabanan.

Alas Kedaton

Alas Kedaton is a forest located in the village of firm, clan. Four kilometers from Tabanan city center. In this forest there is a temple which has two uniqueness. First, this temple has four entrances from four directions. Though temples in Bali usually have one main gate with one or two extra doors. The uniqueness of the second is the page which is the most sacred place would have a lower height than the central courtyard and beyond. It also differs from the temple anywhere throughout Bali.

In the forest that surrounds the temple, many hundreds of monkeys and bats with large size. Herd of monkeys and bats often fly between the trees an interesting attraction for tourists.

Alas Kedaton is an alternative for the area you are not able to visit the monkey forest Sangeh. Here you can take a picture while holding a bat or monkey hugging a giant that has been prepared for this purpose.

Ekakarya Botanical Garden

Botanical Gardens is located in the western Ekakarya Bedugul attraction. This is a complex area forest preserves are managed well so that it becomes a beautiful large garden and comfortable. People often refer to the Botanical Gardens Ekakarya Ray bedugul.

This area is located in the village of Candikuning, Baturiti. From Highway Denpasar to Singaraja, this botanical garden is located on the left of the road with large signage on display at the entrance gate area.

The admission price for adults at Rp7500. Ticket booth has two entrances. Left door just for car users, while the right door for motorcycle users. This difference was due to the car door allowed in while the motorcycle is not. If you drive a car, you are better able to reach all areas of the botanical gardens in the area.

As a botanical garden, Bedugul Botanical Garden has 16 thousand plant collection consisting of 1500 species, 320 genera, and 155 parts of plants. It also still have wild plants and various birds. The total area of ​​154.5 hectares Bedugul Botanical Gardens with a height of 1250 above sea level.

Expanse of grass that covered the ground between tall leafy trees and other plant. Do not hesitate, like other visitors who sit in on grass it, you can sit on your back even without a mat. Currently more Bedugul Botanical Garden is visited by families at weekends. While the father and mother sitting on the grass talking, their children playing ball or chasing each other through the forest.

You will feel cool and refreshing atmosphere. Hall made by rows of trees will make you like in fantasy land.

There are several paths that can be taken. By official botanical garden, the line is divided into five, namely Purple Line, Yellow, Blue, Red, and Bird. Yellow line is the path of the canal from the driveway at the main gate. The circular path and later will end up back at the main gate. In this track you will find lush pine trees towering Pandak. The tree became host of other plants such as fern and orchid. At this point you will pass pandanus plants, carrion flower, Pura Batu Meringgit, and two sculptures is a statue of Ravana and Jatayu sculpture Kumbakarna Game.

Purple lines will bring you will pass through various collection of wild orchids in Indonesia and cactus collection. There are thousands of species of orchids here. Most orchids that bloom throughout the year in orange, red, orange, and purple.

On the blue line you can see how the composition of a unique traditional Balinese house. The house was a complete separate small building consists in unity. At this point you will see the traditional plants used by the people of Bali every day as food, medicine, clothing, spices, toys, building materials, to ingredients ceremony.

Along the red line you will surround the park ferns. At this point there are many different types of tree ferns such as nails, spikes bird nests, rane nails, nail elephant’s trunk, and others.
The last track, which is designed to track the birds you can see a variety of birds in their natural habitat.

Jati Luwih

Jati Luwih has beautiful rice terraces landscape with towering green mountain backdrop and blue sky overlay. This beauty is no less interesting with the beauty of Kintamani and Lake Batur.

Cool weather because it is situated at an altitude of 7000 meters above sea level. In addition to natural potential, Jati Luwih the potential of saving culture, especially the building of a temple of historical events that no link with the reign of King Ida Dalem Waturenggong in Gelgel palace.

As natural attractions, this area has been known since the Dutch power. But because the road that connects to the attraction is badly damaged then not many tourists who visit there. Now, the access road to the Jati Luwih is good.

Jati Luwih attraction located 48 kilometers from Denpasar. Of Kuta can be reached within one to two hours. In order for your holiday fun, if you want to visit Jati Luwih, you can choose the route Denpasar / Kuta through Bedugul, Junction Village Pacung, Turn to Jati Luwih, Yeh Panes, Tabanan, until Alas Kedaton.

Alternatively, you can take an alternative route from Denpasar or Kuta through Bedugul, Junction Village Pacung, Turn to Jati Luwih, Yeh Panes Tabanan, Turning again toward Monument Subak, Alas Kedaton, and last Tanah Lot.

Bali Butterfly Park

Bali Butterfly Park is the largest butterfly park in Asia. The butterfly park is located in Banjar Sandan, Wanasari, or approximately six kilometers north of Tabanan. In this park there are hundreds of butterflies than fifteen species collected from all over Indonesia. Butterfly species is usually protected as kind omithoptera priamus with blue wings or triodes Helena with yellow wings.

The park is built like a beautiful natural environment that favored this beautiful winged animals. This is done so that the butterfly can breed well. Therefore, various kinds of flowers like butterflies are also grown in the garden is covered with nets.
Natural attractions with an area of ​​35 acres is more desirable than local tourists foreign tourists, if you wish to visit the butterfly garden should be coming in the morning before 10:00. this so that you can see hundreds of butterflies flying together about to suck the flowers. To be able to enjoy the beauty of the various species of butterflies this, foreign tourists charged entrance fee of Rp12.000.

Margarana Parks

Margarana garden is a garden tomb in honor of the heroes of the independence heroes who died in the war bellows. In the fierce battle that did not draw it Bali troops led by Lieutenant Colonel I Gusti Ngurah Rai, died due to devastating air strikes by the Dutch army. because of respect, the ashes of I Gusti Ngurah Rai along with troops who died in the battle were buried here.

The tomb in the garden you can see some inscriptions which is a copy of a letter I Gusti Ngurah Rai who do not want to be subject to the Dutch. Because the forces under the command of the Ngurah Rai named Ciung Wanara troops, this place was known as the Heroes Cemetery Ciung Wanara. The park is located about 25 kilometers from Denpasar, or about 13 kilometers from Tabanan.

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is a famous attraction in Bali. Here there are two temples are situated on top of a large rock. One is located on top of the boulder, and the other located on a cliff similar to the Uluwatu Temple. Tanah Lot temple was built by a Brahmin by the name of East Java Nirartha that successfully influenced the beliefs of the Balinese Hindu teachings in the 16th century. At that time the land pengungasa lot, Bendesa Beraben, envy Nirartha. Bendesa Beraben expel Nirartha to leave the Tanah Lot.

Chaplain wise it undertakes. However, before leaving Tanah Lot, with the power of yoga meditation boulder he moved to the middle of the beach and build a temple there. He also change the shawl into a snake temple guards. These snakes are still there today and scientifically snakes including sea snakes that have a flat tail like a fish, black with racung belangkuning and three times more powerful than cobra. The end of this story stated that a follower Bendesa Beraben Nirartha.

Not everyone can get into the temple. The travelers should only be seen under the temple of temples. Only certain people who want to pray or perform religious activities can go inside to the temple. This temple is located in Beraban village, about 13 kilometers south of Tabanan, or 43 kilometers from Kuta.

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