Bali Temple, Pura Bukit Sari in Sangeh

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Main_entrance,_Taman_AyunPura Bukit Sari is in the middle of the forest nutmeg, Sangeh village, North Badung. The temple area is one of the tempting object wizard. Why not, it’s a quiet temple tamapk like a palace guarded by hundreds of troops of monkeys.

According to the story, Pura Bukit Sari built by Anak Agung Made Karang Asem Anglurah Sakti, the adopted son of the King of Mengwi then, Cokorda Blambangan Sakti. Since young, Anaka Agung Made Karang Asem Anglurah Milky likes to undergo a spiritual activity. One night, while performing austerities, he gained inspiration to be set up in the middle of the forest temple Sangeh nutmeg.

Of nutmeg trees in Sangeh, there is also an interesting story. According to myth, the tree came from Mount Agung North Bali menu. Unfortunately, in the midnight trip there someone who saw. The magical journey stalled. The tree then settled there and developed into forest Sangeh today.

Now, Sangeh forest inhabited by hundreds of monkeys that have a gray color and long tail. Monkey population is approximately 700 individuals. Herd of monkeys were divided into three groups: western, central and eastern. Each group is led by a male monkey as king.

Monkeys in this region is quite tame. They rarely get groceries by way of the visitors win. However, do not try to make the monkey angry. Moreover, the angry king. He will call men together to attack you. This happened on a film director who accidentally kicked the monkey king who seized property papaya leaves one movie scene. Angry monkey king who immediately shouted loudly. Soon the whole child and savage grin coming towards film director. Fortunately, a pawing come directly intervene.

Not difficult to reach unique natural attractions it. Only complains of Kuta is about 45 kilometers. Facilities path toward Sangeh is pretty good, so that you can reach by taxi or private vehicle. Tickets to get into this area is Rp6000 per person.

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