Nusa Dua Beach, The Exclusive Destination

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Picture_Perfect_morning_at_Nusa_Dua_BeachDespite having white sand and gentle, before 1980, Nusa Dua beach is a beach is not a destination travelers. Currently it is only complains beach covered with shrubs. Only when there is Bali Tourism and Development Council who organize and develop this area, Nusa Dua into an elite and exclusive tourist area. All hotels in Nusa Dua is a five-star hotel with room rental tariff around USD100-USD400 per night.

Along Nusa Dua Beach you can see two incredibly canti at once. The first sight was a stretch of the Indian Ocean with stunning horizon. The second is a view of a row of neatly arranged luxury hotels along the coast.

In this beach you can swim, sunbathe, or relax without being hassled by street vendors. Therefore, almost the entire coastline along the five kilometers in the regions of the back yard of a world class hotel. Along the coast, the manager of a small building roads for pedestrians along the coast. However, not all visitors are free to walk there, because some hotels prohibits visitors who are not hotel guests wandering around the beach hotel.

Besides having a famous golfing arena, Bali Golf and Country Club, Nusa Dua also offers a conference or business meeting in the famous hotel.

Nusa Dua is also not inferior to other tourist areas in Bali in terms of presentation shopping places, recreation, and dining. Almost all hotels in Nusa Dua is located on the beach and have easy access to the shuttle bus to the venue.

How to Go to Nusa Dua

Approximately 11 kilometers from Ngurah Rai International Airport or about 14 kilometers from Kuta, you have to take a private car or tourist transport hitchhiked. Public transportation does not pass through this region.

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