2013 Toy, Games & Comic Convention in Singapore

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Predator,_Singapore_Toy,_Games_&_Comic_ConventionSingapore toy, games & comic convention ( stgcc ) combines the very best of popular culture from east and west, brings along the planet of comics, anime, manga, toys, collectibles, games and movies. stgcc featuring several new and cool ways to southeast asia in addition as in collaboration with reedpop – creating new york comic con ( nycc ), chicago comic & entertainment expo ( c2e2 ), star wars celebration, and therefore the new york anime festival. every year, the event could to attract virtually 35, 000 visitors over 2 days. that figure certainly modified a lot of when compared out to the years since a lot of people larger numbers of people are interested during this event. there may be a convergence associated with a large amount of pop cultures best with 157 exhibitors from 12 countries and was attended by 247 international media from 5 countries.

A great many items often is found wandering during this annual event, among others, action figures, anime, artist alley, autograph sessions, comics, cosplay contests, exclusive toys & collectibles, freebies, forums, graphic novels, international guests and live sketching. all dedicated to all visitors with a awfully slick. additionally, we are able to too notice a range of different things like native creators, manga, meet-the-fans sessions, portfolio reviews, product launches, sneak peeks & premieres, vibrant exhibit floor, video game demos and vinyl toys. happens on the very first floor of buildings sands expo and convention center, marina bay sands, stgcc will certainly be held over 2 days on 31 august 2013 and 1 september 2013 from 10. 00 until 20. 00.

Singapore toy, games & comic convention ( stgcc ) is definitely of the massive event ever held within the country this lion appearance of presentation extraordinary event in addition just like the several visitors who come back. all walks of life ranging from youngsters to adults will come back and get involved in this event, together with artists, collectors and enthusiasts, designers, distributors, manufacturers and retailers, educators, the media and even normal individuals. it will certainly be a bevy of fans of toys, games, comics and all things popular culture that unfortunately if pass up. additionally, aka tone exhibition was too held by creators & illustrators, dealers, distributors & manufacturers, developers and publishers, establishments, vendors licensing, software & hardware providers and studios. stgcc proudly presented by reed exhibitions the worlds largest event organizer and collaboration along with the creators of cutting edge york comic con ( nycc ). stgcc one big event for reedpop the popular culture cluster at reed exhibitions. reedpop too run the new york comic con ( nycc ), chicago comic & entertainment expo ( c2e2 ), star wars celebrations, new york anime festival, ufc fan expos and pax.

Native and regional media can cover stgcc. by attending stgcc, visitor is deemed to possess given approval as being photographed, interviewed or show up on camera. visitors themselves are every allowed to bring cameras, video recording, audio recording, or another recording device to capture the precious moment here. even thus, these still be required to respect if any exhibits or visitors who don’t enable it. the visitors certainly nobody expects the original signature of one’s guests stgcc that became an chance that’s a challenge to obtain. guests will certainly be signing autographs for fans along at the walk of fame. they’re going to sign officially licensed comics, collectibles, toys and dvds.

Singapore toy, games & comic convention will be start at 10.00 until 20.00 at august 31, 2013 – september 1, 2013. This event will be held at 10 bayfront ave, marina bay sands expo & convention centre.

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