Get Ready for Pricier Flights to Singapore in 2026

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Singapore is a favorite destination for many asians, but brace yourselves – flight tickets to the Lion City are set to get more expensive due to biofuel surcharges.

Starting January 1, 2026, flights to Singapore will incur additional costs because of a new tax on flights using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Tickets will be more expensive because flights arriving at Changi Airport will have to use 1% biofuel, and the cost of this eco-friendly fuel will be passed on to passengers.

The price increase depending on the destination. For direct flights from Singapore to Bangkok, Tokyo, and London, the ticket prices could rise by about S$3, S$6, and S$16, respectively.

Premium class passengers will face higher surcharges. The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) plans to detail these regulations in 2025.

The global push for greener solutions is influencing these changes. The government also preparing SAF roadmap.

The goal is to accelerate the adoption of biofuel in aviation. The government already has a roadmap for using biofuel in aircraft and is currently gathering input from various ministries on SAF.

Companies are also gearing up to support palm-based biofuel, hoping this will boost investment in renewable energy.

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