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Spanish_National_Dance_Company_02Love the arts and culture of spain other then don’t wish to begin a journey too so much. pasion flamenca is present in singapore to introduce characteristic dances the spanish-speaking countries. spanish art enthusiasts don’t have so much to visit onto the country by the european continent is to view an art show unique onto the country. for one night merely, don’t miss the performances of flamenco artists are directly imported from spain to experience authentic flamenco tablao in singapore. the show featured the flamenco dancer angela espanadero, clarisa di salvo with powerful singer and guitarist jose antonio fernandez ismael sierra. they’ll entertain the audience by having form of arts and typical spanish. coming to zsofi tapas bar on 31 august witnessed the beautiful beauty on your dance on your professional dancers.

Besides pasion flamenca dance performances wherein the artists are directly imported from spain, coming from the 1st to 9th september will just be workshops for many grade levels flamenco flamenco begin dancing, singing and guitar workout routines along side powerful singer and guitarist angela espanadero antonio fernandez. the workshop was organized by pasion flamenco dance studio based mostly in sydney who too uses a studio in rockdale and kingsgrove. the workshop are going to actually take place by giving flamenco categories for students of all levels and ages who uses a fascination and love for music and of course the art of flamenco. pasion flamenco dance studio is dedicated to teaching the art of flamenco dance because we are part of a friendly environment and supporitve. alianza flamenca may be a coaching technique that’s applied to teach musical instruments, zapateado ( footwork ), braceo ( arm ) and vueltas ( alternately ) additionally as different techniques. alianza is comprehensive in teaching and understanding the most form of rhythms and methods of dance. it encourages students to grasp the compas and permit each of them learn several types of dances flamenco choreography.

Within the main studio alone, students who participated ranged from those who are wanting merely to relish the art type in order to specific their creativity where previously they will were quite mindful of flamenco. they’ll receive a diploma in teacher coaching ways alianza flamenca. alianza flamenca diploma program allows students to gain constructive feedback and steerage on the flamenco dance. workshops are too offered throughout the entire year by numerous artists flamenco. not merely for students skilled in flamenco, the dance school too offered to regular students that provides performance opportunities for many students, allows relatives and friends to enjoy and appreciate the flamenco. pasion flamenco invited international guest artists will just be present at lokakaryo where they’ll share their knowledge to students. in 1999, carlos, consultant and founding member on your alianza flamenca, worked extensively with pasion flamenco, giving workshops and share the incredible talent of its choreography. till currently, he continues to did the show to demonstrate the strategy of flamenco from spain. alianza flamenca testers too embody linda vargas, lina dolores acosta vega and hazel who had reached australia in recent years regarding the assessment in addition to provide workshops.

Pasion Flamenca will be held at saturday, august 31, 2013 on 68 dunlop street, zsofi tapas bar. Tickets for adult start from $40, and for kids start from $35. The Dance event will start at 20.00.

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