Recommended Festival in Gothenburg

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Swedish_guardsSome of the annual festival, held in Gothenburg almost similar to some festival in Stockholm, Gothenburg also celebrate Midsummer’s Eve, Pride Festival, National Day, and the Day of Saint Lucia. In addition to the festival that has been mentioned, there are some festivals that became the highlight of tourism in Gothenburg and dear if passed.

Gothenburg International Film Festival

This international film festival has been held since 1979, the age old enough to have a film festival event with a large scale. This also proves the consistency of Gothenburg in presenting quality films every year for movie lovers, Gothenburg International Film Festival takes place over eleven days in late January to early February and provide hundreds of Swedish films as well as various other international films in various genres.

Gothenburg Jazz Festival

Such as Stockholm is very fond of jazz, during the three-day event also held Gothenburg Jazz Festival. Not to be outdone by the Stockholm Jazz Festival, the event also brings artists and bands from Sweden and internasinal musicians who sang Swing, Gospel, New Orleans Jazz, and Blues. This event dlangsungkan every August and take place at eight different venues in the city center of Gothenburg.

Gothenburg Book Fair

Gothenburg Book Fair is the second largest book fair in Europe after the Frankfurt Book Fair and always successfully attract visitors. All lovers of books ranging from book readers, authors, publishers invited up to this event. in this exhibition, visitors can meet and get signatures favorite authors, follow workshops, and discussions on the topic. If lucky, visitors can meet with Nobel Prize winner who often come to this event. Gothenburg Book Fair is held each fall in mid-September.


Nationaldag or National Day is the Independence Day of Sweden, when King Gustav Vasa chosen as the King of Sweden on June 6, 1523. Nationaldag celebrations are held in all regions of Sweden, Stockholm and Gothenburg is no exception. In Stockholm, Nationaldag celebrations usually take place in Kungstradgarden, while in Gothenburg, the celebration was held at the Park Slottsskogen. Since 2005, the Nationaldag become a national holiday and the Swedish people will go to a public park to celebrate Nationaldag with various events.

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