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Stockholm as a city in central Sweden has always celebrated a unique festival every year. If you are on vacation in Stockholm, it never hurts to have been part of a yearly festival in Stockholm. Among the festivals are often held in Stockholm, Stockholm Pride festival, and Saint Lucia is recommended for you to follow, here’s coverage of the festival.

Saint Lucia

In the legend of Saint Lucia, was told there was an obedient girl named Sicily. He wanted to devote to God life just do not want to get married. He was killed when a nobleman reject an application so that he became a martyr. Saint Lucia Day is celebrated every December 13 and is one of the holy day is celebrated in Scandinavia.

For the procession of Santa Lucia Day selected a girl to portray Lucia. He wore a white robe with a crown of candles on her head. Lucia followed a number of other women who are also other touch dressed in white with candles in their hands. Lucia was the last visit shopping centers, schools hospitals, offices, house parents, and church singing and distribute gingerbread. Lai boy also involved in the procession and sing, they wear white robes with pointy cone hat is decorated with lanterns and gold stars.

Stockholm LGBT Pride

Sweden is one of the nation to legalize same-sex couples. Swedish society is very tolerant and does not discriminate against LGBT people. According to some people, Swedish people are always looking at everyone with the same degree regardless of rank, position, race, ethnicity, religion, or others. All are free and anti-racist. Perhaps that is one factor that makes the atmosphere in the Swedish society feels so peaceful. Everyone is free to be himself and other people have no right to interfere organize their lives.

Stockholm Pride is an annual festival which has been held in Stockholm since 1998. This festival is one of the largest LGBT festivals in Scandinavia and crowded with events. Ranging from entertainment arts, such as dance, theatre, seminars and debates to the serious bit. Not a few international artists who become performers. In the last week, the Stockholm Pride Parade is the highlight of the whole event, the Stockholm like spilled onto the streets to enjoy the parade. From the previous year, noted the Stockholm Pride Parade managed to collect 500000 spectators for the parade that followed 50000 LGBT participants.

Any visitor orientation, all can enjoy the Stockholm Pride. In fact, the festival is expected to pass more and more people are aware of LGBT issues and not be a racist to LGBT. Stockholm Pride is held in late July or early August each year.

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