Visit Golden Mosque and Quiapo Church

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Quiapo_Church,_ManilaYou can use Quiapo to Divisoria Jeepney majors. Jeepney go round the main public transport in the Philippines. with a unique shape such as that extended to the back of the jeep. Passengers riding in the back and sat lined up on the left and right. You can pay 7 pesos to get to Quiapo. Destinations are available in Quiapo, Golden Mosque and Quiapo Church. Quiapo district in Manila is the most heavily Muslim population, is characterized by many mosques are built in this area. Muslim shades can also be seen along the way because of the jeepney and tricycle equipped many typical Islamic ornament decoration. Quiapo Church is a church that is most popular in the Philippines, the Roman Catholic Church founded in 1586 by Franciscan missionaries as the establishment of Quiapo District. Meanwhile, the Golden Mosque is the largest mosque and the most popular in the region of Luzon. Nicknamed the Golden Mosque because this mosque has a golden dome. The mosque was founded in 1976 under the supervision by the President of Imelda Marcos.

Quiapo district affected by electronic shopping and DVDs at low prices. In addition to electronics, food prices in Quiapo district is also known to be very cheap. Not far from where you exit, just a few yards along Quezon Boulevard, Quiapo Church you will be struck by the lively by the congregation who were doing worship. In front of Quiapo Church there is also a bustling traditional market with merchants and buyers. This market provides a variety of basic foodstuffs such as rice, fish, vegetables, seasoning, and others. to reach this market, you can use the LRT Quirino Station and exit at, after which it can walk or ride a tricycle.

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