Traditional Market Shopping in Manila

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Binondo_Church_at_SaturdayCity park in front of Binondo Church, you can continue north towards the tourist along Juan Luna St. journey without knowing the direction and goals sometimes get an interesting surprise. You will get the crowd very crowded traditional market with sellers and buyers. Lots of tents traders along the road, causing the road impassable. You can get into the market. In this market, more uncontrolled density. Merchandise sold mostly fabric and various kinds of clothing for men and women. Goods sold here are quite cheap. Lots are sold at discounted prices. The traditional trade complex packed some way around Divisoria Mall. For those of you who like to shop for clothes, may be trying to visit this place. Gated divisoria is a favorite for the Philippines to shop for clothes. Although only the traditional markets, this place created one shopping center is recommended for tourists. To get cheaper price, you need to be smart to bid.

After seeing the crowd the market, you can go out and find a great way called Recto Avenue. You can go to 7-Eleven to buy water to drink and bread here. Price beverage bottles nearly equal to the price in some countries of Southeast Asia, a small mineral water sold at 10 pesos and 25 pesos for green tea. The price of a packet of bread is quite varied appropriate in size and content. If only flour and eggs also cheese, bread prices is around 30 pesos.

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