Dangerous District in Manila

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Plaza_Miranda_and_Quiapo_ChurchNot far from Quiapo, you will find a narrow alley that reads Welcome to Barangay 648. And in this alley looks a little green minarets. If you are curious, you can try to enter the main aisle of this township. you will often meet with girl who wears a headscarf and a man wearing a skullcap, and also tricycle decorated with Islamic writings. Once in the village, you will see a densely populated Muslim village, residents here live in modest homes that coincide between other houses. do not be surprised when that passes, you will be a concern citizen who was sitting on the side of the road.

You need to walk with full alertness, crossed the crowd of citizens and children who were playing in the street. There are people who are sitting in whitewater hand you the thumbs-up as he pursed his lips as if to give a greeting salute had dared to go into the village.

This village was already there since 1964, populated by Muslim immigrants from Mindanao. There is about four hundred heads of families who inhabit this village, all citizens of the Islamic religion. Many people will warn you not to go into a narrow alley in the village. you are advised for only crossed the main road in the village just as dangerous if it gets into deeper alley. You could have stabbed and robbed by the people of bad faith here. This village is known by a woman, the chairwomen Bae Norhaina Macabato. You are advised to briefly stop by the village district in Manila’s Muslim Mindanao.

On the way home, you can stop by the shop that sells simple rice wrapped with a piece of chicken. The price for this meal is only 10 pesos. From here you can use the tricycle to the LRT station Corriedo to proceed to EDSA station in Pasay City.

If you first use a tricycle, this is a large motor vehicle is modified by adding a place on the passenger side. There is one additional wheel for passenger space so that the vehicle has three wheels. Therefore, given the name of his tricycle. Quite comfortable using this vehicle for traveling short distances. Rates start from 20 pesos tricycle to a distance of about 3 km.

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