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new zealand factsVisitors can get travel information in the Visitor Center, which is known as the i-Site. Such information is a popular activity, accommodation, dining, transportation, restrooms, public baths, and other. Sometimes here visitors can also travel package booking certain. Almost in every city there are i-Site, among which in Nelson, Golden Bay, Motueka, Tasman, Malborough, Blenheim, Picton, West Coast, Westpoint, Reeton, Paparda National Park, Hokitika, Greymouth, Franz Josef, Canterbury, Timaru, Methven , Kaikoura, Kaiapoi, Hurunui, Geraldine, Christchurch Airport, Ashburton, Christchurch, Central Otago, Southern Lakes, Rnfurly, Queenstown, Lake Wnaka, Fiordland, Cromwell, Alexandra, Otago, South Land, damaru, Invergargill, Dunedin and Clutha. A complete list of i-Site locations throughout New Zealand can be found on the

In addition to i-site, in some cities in New Zealand are also scattered Department of Conservation office or abbreviated DOC. This office provides information that is more specific to the protection of natural and historic heritage in New Zealand so that visitors can enjoy general conservation places and is involved in the environmental protection process. Usually the visitors who will be camping, hiking, and other nature activities will require a lot of information from Parties DOC. Not all cities have the i-Site and DOC as well. However, sometimes there are i-Site office that doubles as DOC, usually in remote areas that focus to nature.

New Zealand Unique Facts

Human and sheep population in New Zealand is 1 to 9. Number of tourist who visited New Zealand continues to increase every year. Life expectancy in New Zealand is 78.8 years for men 82.7 years for woman. Wellington, capital of New Zealand is the capital city located in the southernmost part of the earth. Most travelers who visit New Zealand come from the UK, Australia, USA, Japan, and China. Lake Taupo, one of the favorite tourist destinations in New Zealand, is one of the sources of the largest volcanic eruption in the world for last 70 years. There are about 3150 glaciers in New Zealand. New Zealand has the oldest animals native reptile, the tuatara is a lizard that is older than 200 million years. Kiwi is a term for a native New Zealand bird that can’t fly, also a term for the new Zealand. Kiwi fruit that many known people not actually come from New Zealand. Although called kiwifruit, fruit is also known as Chinese gooseberries because originally from China. Auckland Sky Tower has 328 meters tall is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere. New Zealand was one of three countries in the world that has 2 national anthem, God Save the Queen and God Defend New Zealand. New Zealand is one country that is free of snakes. The whole process of making a movie trilogy Lord of the Rings made in New Zealand. Commercial bungee jumping originated from New Zealand.

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