Exploring China Town in Manila

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Binondo_churchCarriedo Station there are many shops and vendors selling a wide range of electronic goods. Not far from Carriedo Station, there is a church that is quite old and stately, the Santa Cruz Church. From the shape of the church building architecture was certain this church go round the Spanish colonial relics. You can walk along the edge of Pasig River ferry station and found the net on the banks of the river. You can try using the pasig ferry. The ferry only operates during the morning and afternoon. Pasig Ferry started by president Arroyo inaugurated in 2007, has five stations already in operation early, namely St. Ana, Lambingan, Escolta, Hulo, and Guadalupe. Rates for short-range costs 25 pesos, while for long distances at 35 and 45 pesos. This ship is a tourist vessel with a capacity of 152 people, you can enjoy views of the city along the Pasig River in Manila. Until now there are 2 routes and 17 stations are already in operation. The first router is Pasig Line of Plaza Mexico in Intramuros to the Nagpayong in Pasig, while the second is the Marikina River Line which connects Guadalupe in Makati City to Santa Elena in Marikina City. Route of Nagpayong to Intramuros is from Barangay Nagpayong, Maybunga, Pinagbuhatan, Kalawaan, Bambang, San Joaquin, Pineda, Guadalupe Nuevo Makati, Mandaluyong Hulo, Valenzuela, Lambingan Punta, Santa Ana, PUP Santa Mesa, Quiapo, Lawton Ermita, Binondo Escolta, Plaza Mexico Intramuros.

You can continue the journey along the edge of the river and will find a bridge that connects the Intramuros and Binondo area. Under the bridge many small children fun swimming and bathing. From the bridge also looks gate with ornaments typical Chinese way. This gate is the entrance to China Town. Gate with the inscription Mabuhay Filipino Chinese Friendship Arch and showed the presence of both the fabric of the local population of immigrants from the Philippines and China / so in through the gates, shades China increasingly feels the dominant characteristic red ornament along the way. five hundred meters from the gate, you will find a church that looks very old. They name this church is Binondo Church. Indeed, the church has been standing since 1571 when the Spanish master this area. in front of the church there is a fairly cool city park for rest and shelter from the sun. The view about bums and beggars can not be avoided here.

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