Shopping Place in Denpasar

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Discovery_Shopping_Mall_BaliDenpasar city has many shopping centers in the sunset road, there are hypermarkets that provide a variety of goods from vegetables to electronics.

In the area you can find umar teuku electronics stores primarily mobile phones. If a cell phone or electronic device you trouble, try to come to this region. Only for the heavy damage they will ask for some time as a cell phone you will be sent to Surabaya or Jakarta.

In Kumbasari market located just off of the field blowing naughty, you can shop a variety of interesting product. The traditional market is complete. Even the most complete in bali. In the east and north markets are complex textile shop. There’s also an antique store. If you want to buy the surviving ducks, here are widely available at very cheap prices.

In reclaiming the area, there is a center that provides a souvenir T-shirt, beach fabric, slippers, bed covers, key chains, shorts, and beach clothes. Here you can also buy snacks at a relatively cheaper price.

In the Sudirman street and Diponegoro roads there are four malls, namely the sun, Ramayana, tiara gods, and Rimo. Rimo is a special mall for computer stuff, cameras, gadgets, software, and other electronic equipment. Come to this area if you need or have problems with electronic equipment when on fun holiday.

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