Speeding on F1 Circuit with Ferrari, Fun !

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Yet one more tourist attractions that you ought to attempt in singapore, ultimate drive ! along ultimate drive, can be you will end up invited to actually speeding on town streets with ferrari super car.

Headquartered in marina bay sands, singapore, ultimate drive can pull you a style of luxury upscale driving a supercar, ferrari and lamborghini, whereas driving close to the f1 circuit. who won’t wish f1 circuit could be a world-class auto racing. in reality, the 2 cars have been shown ready for its high speed might well be your own personal steering wheel !

Ee wish to provide a supercar driving expertise. that we sell isn’t the car rental, however how it feels to actually really do the prime category by having lamborghini or possibly a ferrari, same marc griot, managing director of ultimate drive, to actually in singapore recently.

ultimate drive presently has 2 cars lamborghini yellow and black while a red ferrari. you might want to drive these cars to actually drive close to the track and of course the street singapore f1 circuit with another package provided by ultimate drive.

The packages provided there may be 3. the initial is circuit tour package prices 289 singapore bucks. using this package, you may spur sports car for quarter-hour upon the f1 circuit track.

The second package could be a package street to actually freeway tour, by having longer duration. at a price of 458 singapore bucks for half-hour, you might want to drag upon the f1 circuit and of course the roads close to the marina bay sands singapore.

Not satisfied with only half-hour drive this cool ? you ought to attempt the third package, the last word tour for a price of 768 singapore bucks. for your hour, you might want to drive it upon the f1 circuit is additionally upon the highway.

When you’ve got a drivers license, you’re allowed to actually drive their unique car is accompanied by knowledgeable companion driver on your ultimate drive. if not, you may sit within the whole passenger seat whereas the companion disetiri earlier. don’t worry, the exact extraordinary sensation !

Legal chance to do this cool car. at that moment, we selected to actually drive a black lamborghini. as it won’t feature a license, we were accompanied by a driver escort ultimate drive. once out on your marina bay space, wussshh ! the car was immediately drove to actually fast. you are passenger thrilling enough, imagine if this luxury car to actually drive myself !

He cried once more, once driving a luxury car, can be you will end up given a certificate just like a sign youve been driving a luxury sports car choices. then by adding a fee of 48 singapore bucks, can be you will end up given a usb that contains your video throughout driving this car.

ultimate drive is turning into increasingly common currently, tourists indonesia even become our largest customers, same marc. wish to feel the sensation on your drivers in singapore ? ultimate drive the answer !

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