Abstinence Travel Destinations Visited by Women

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Within the following tourist attractions, tourists are strictly prohibited entry ladies ! the explanation could be a matter of etiquette and tradition.

What place are these ? see his review below, as quoted by foxnews :

Mount Athos, Greece

Not just women are banned from visiting the sacred mountain in greece, even female animals aren’t allowed within the vicinity. this sacred mountain in cape macedonia and is barely accessible by ferry. travelers who need to come back to actually have special permission to actually go directly into mountain.

Native folks believe that the presence of girls will interfere spritiualitas monks living with this mountain. in recent years, a few women managed to actually sneak directly into mountain. one was a french writer disguised currently being a monk guy.

Saudi Arabia

Forget visiting saudi arabia if you can female tourists who travel alone. women who need to get into this state shall be accompanied by a man, who will be a relative or husband. if not, you then won’t be allowed directly into country.

Temple Haji Ali Dargah, India

Temple haji ali dargah is one amongst possibly the most iconic temples in mumbai, india. this temple is dedicated to actually sufi haji ali bukhari. daily, approximately 15 thousand to actually 20 thousand tourists come back to actually this temple.

However unfortunately, the female tourists who visit this temple wasn’t allowed to check out possibly the most sacred temple, the sanctum sanctorum. the space that would be closed to actually her grave since it is contrary to actually religion.

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