Popular Travel Destinations in Calabarzon

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Taal_Volcano_view_from_TagaytayCalabarzon region includes many islands, land, beach, sea, volcanoes, and urban life. Here are some of the popular tourist destinations frequented by tourists in the Calabarzon.

Anilao Resort

Anilao is the most famous to enjoy the natural beauty of the sea take. Here you will find a variety of resorts that offer some tour packages under the sea. Some resorts are recommended Anilao Outrigger, BC, Aquaventure, Vistamar, Sunbeam, Eagle Point, Bamboo Villa, and Arthur Place Resort.

Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is an island that has many beautiful beaches. Some interesting sights such as the famous Small La Laguna, Sabang, and Big Lagoon. The beauty of the beach is perfect for a holiday with family and friends.

Tagaytay People Park

The park is located at an altitude that has the view point to the rest of Batangas City and Manila. You can ride the regular jeepney stop in front of the Tourist Assistance Center to be able to go to this place.

Taal Volcano

Taal Volcano is a pride attraction of Tagaytay City. Taal Volcano is the smallest crater in the middle of Taal Lake. Eating food in the restaurant while enjoying the view of Taal Lake from the height are very enjoyable. Travelers also could sail closer to the middle of the lake and the crater is still active. you only have to pay 1300 pesos to be able to sail to the middle of the crater with a rented boat.

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