Popular Snorkeling and Diving Spot in Philippines

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Image : Heinrich Balbuena
Image : Heinrich Balbuena

To be able to visit the location of the surge for snorkeling and diving in the Philippines. from Manila, you need to ride the LRT to get to Gili Puyat Station. Not far from Gili Puyat Station, you will find the bus station with the intention of heading to Batangas City. Attention, you need to find a writing Manila – Batangas Pier at Side Boards to be dropped off at the T-junction towards Anilao.

To get to Anilao, you need to go down in a fly over prior to Batangas Pier. From here you can ride a jeepney with the goal and get off at the junction Mabini Mabini – Anilao. The trip from Manila to Batangas takes about 2.5 hours and the bus fare is 130 pesos. while traveling towards Mabini to Batangas is need of about 45 minutes and pay for 25 pesos. you have to stop at the junction Mabini – Anilao. From this junction, you can ride a tricycle to get to the resort of your choice in Anilao. For example, you can go to the Outrigger Resort to inquire stay rates and their corresponding snorkel package. Usually single standard room rates at the resort around 3800 pesos.

You can start doing holiday activities on the beach such as swimming, snorkeling, or even diving. You can rent the equipment needed and is usually provided by the service providers. Anilao is a coastal surge are well known in the Philippines. In here you can explore the beauty beneath the sea, pristine coral reefs, and various kinds of fish are cute. Resort in Anilao lining the winding road up the hill and to the left or coastal waters. Maybe you think when hear his word would imagine white sand beaches, swaying palm trees, or waves for surfing. But make no mistake, the beach is meant here is that water is a place for snorkeling and diving. Travelers can also visit some of the small islands around the waters of Anilao. You can rent a boat to pay about 3000 pesos only.

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