Kamasan Art Village

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Traditional_village,_BaliKamasan is a community of artists painting. Between the artists with other artists complement and reinforce that gave birth to a unique style of painting puppet. The style then also influence the twisted journey of painting in Bali.

In Klungkung, there are many other arts such as sculpture of gold, silver, and the final sculpture shell casings. Although with different media, but the hallmark of puppets Kamasan remains strong in the work.

Kamasan is located approximately 43 kilometers east of Denpasar. The village can be reached by motor vehicle. All roads lead to this object is in good condition. From Kuta to Denpasar via Jalan By Pass, follow the road up to Klungkung. Up at the intersection of rock klotok, turn left, you will reach the village Gelgel. from Gelgel, you just walk a few hundred meters to the village of Kamasan.

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