Latest attractions of Legoland Malaysia in 2013

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lego museumLegoland Malaysia continues to offer the latest innovations, they are ready to deliver a shock that you will not find in any legoland. Let’s follow our journey at Legoland Malaysia

The Death Star Miniature

Star wars movie fans certainly know the Death Star. The Death Star is a space station with a shape like a moon and has a sophisticated laser weapons. In Legoland Malaysia, the artists have built The Lego Death Star miniature and was inaugurated on 26 July 2013 that then. That said, this miniature a lego model of the largest in the world.

Not an exaggeration to say The Death Star is the biggest lego models in the world. Therefore, The Death Star was compiled using about half a million grains of lego. For him, it took no less than 200 hours. Why so long? Because this model is compiled manually by hand and glued together using a special glue. The Death Star is the difference with the other is a miniature of 10000 lego items that can be lit in the dark. The Death Star is likely to be the mainstay miniature Legoland Malaysia.

World Miniature Garden

There are six Legoland which was built in the world, namely Legoland Denmark, United Kingdom, California, Florida, and Malaysia. Each existing Legoland has the same pledge, the miniature garden or Miniland. Legoland Malaysia miniature garden filled with a variety of miniature historic buildings in Asia, such as India’s Taj Mahal, China’s Forbidden City, Pura Tanah Lot Bali, and much more.

Legoland, Not Just Lego Only

Legoland despite its name, but it does not always exhibit lego. Legoland Malaysia is also equipped with a variety of cool games. For those who like a challenge, can try out various games in the Lego Technic. There, there Rollercoaster Project X which will shake your belly. If you like the water, please try AquaZone Wave Racers. In 2014, this playground will be equipped with Legoland hotel. It will be more satisfied for Lego Mania.

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