Pajama Day and Party

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Hello friends, I want to tell my experience when I was in kindergarten. I used to go to school in Sugar Creek Baptist Preschool, Sugarland, Texas, United States.

Pajama Day

Kids_and_cakeAt the school, there was Pajama Day. On that day, all the students and teachers to wear pajamas to school. Exciting! Carrying bags, wearing shoes, but wearing a nightgown. Typically, each student’s favorite pajamas. So also with the teacher. They are very cute pajamas! Is it the day the students will sleep in school? Not, upon arrival at the school, we learn, play, and listen to the stories of teachers as usual.

Pajama Party

Besides Pajama Day, there is also a Pajama Party! Pajama party wont to do when we stay at a friend’s house. Or, as a friend stay at our house. When the pajama party was held at my house, my friend came to my house in the afternoon. That day, we were free to play in the yard as much. When it gets dark, we go home and play again. Can play cards, games, movies, and so on.

Satisfied after the game, we had dinner, then, ready to use pajamas, but usually we do not go straight to bed. We may sleep later than usual. We should not still be watching movies and chatting until drowsy and fell asleep. Exciting story! Do your have stories about Pajama Day and Pajama Party?

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