Best Ho Chi Minh City Attractions

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best ho chi minh attractionsHo Chi Minh Museum

Located on Nguyen Tat Thanh 1, District 4, the museum is open from morning until late afternoon. Of course this museum different from the Ho Chi Minh Museum is located in Hanoi. Ho Chi Minh Museum in Saigon is located in an old building called the Dragon House, which built in 1963. From this museum, you can see the Saigon River. This museum is a tribute to Ho Chi Minh City, by exhibiting a variety of personal items such as slippers, clothes, radios, and so on. Here visitors can see that Uncle Ho had been to foreign countries such as the UK, France, china, Soviet Union, and so on. Everything is a factor that is shaping the personality and political vision.

Ho Chi Minh City Museum

The museum is located at 65 Ly Tu Trong, District 1, not far from Ben Thanh Market. The museum can also reach by walk from Pham Ngu Lao. Ho Chi Minh City museum exhibiting historical artifacts related to the period of communism, as well as various objects associated with Buddhism, economics, archeology, and so on. On the top floor exhibited various items used during the resistance against the French in 1930. Some objects representing the people of Saigon in the war against the invaders. Additionally it also exhibited objects associated with resistance to the United States. One of the most historic artifacts are two wooden boats were made in the 13th century. The boat is similar to that used on the Mekong River. The shape is long and slender, formerly used to transport goods from one village to another through the river. The building where the museum is located was built in 1890. The museum architect named Alfred Foulhoux from France. This building once occupied Japan by Yoshida Minoda governor during World War II, and the last inhabited by King Bao Dai. On the front page there are two fighters usa, tanks, and a Huey helicopter. The courtyard garden is very beautiful and neatly groomed so often used as a location for pre-wedding photos.

Ho Chi Minh City Hall

The town hall is located at the corner of Nguyen Hue. It used to be called the Hotel de Ville, but his name is now officially the People’s Committee Hall. The building is beige and yellow is also one of the most beautiful buildings in Ho Chi Minh City. The most appropriate time to visit is at night. Travelers will see a very beautiful sight. Travelers usually take pictures with the background of this building, as well as Ho Chi Minh statue opposite.

Notre Dame

Almost in every city visited, tourists took time to visit the cathedral there. Although the majority of the population of the country is not Christian. Usually the oldest cathedral or church in a big city or even an old building is a relic of the colonial era. In Ho Chi Minh City, too. Notre Dame Cathedral is located at Han Dong Koi Thuyen overlooking a magnificent building built by the French. The church was built in 1862. In this building there are two bell towers with a height of 58 meters each. In 2005, a statue of the Virgin Mary which is located in front of the cathedral dialporkan tears. This rumor led to thousands of people come to watch. Reportedly, the tears dripping from Mary’s right eye. Msekipun the cathedral denied the news, it still can not prevent the arrival of thousands of people.

Saigon Central Mosque

Central Mosque is located at 66 Dong Du and is one of the 12 mosques in Ho Chi Minh City. Because of its location, this mosque is often also called the Dong Du Mosque. Built by immigrants from South India in 1935, now the mosque congregation not only from India, but also residents of Saigon from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Pakistan, in addition to the majority of Muslims, mostly from Vietnamese ethnic Cham. When the Friday prayers, the mosque congregation exploded. In addition to Vietnamese nationals, expatriate Muslims also came there. Incidentally location of this mosque in downtown, in the office area. This mosque has a dominant color of green, with a stone patio. However, always remember to take off my shoes and wear suitable clothing when you decide to visit this mosque. This mosque looks very contrast with the luxury hotels in tow. Across the mosque there are several kosher restaurants serving menus Vietnam and India.

Thein Hau Pagoda

Thien Hau Pagoda is located at 710 Nguyen Trai, Cholon. This pagoda was built as a tribute to the Thien Hau Goddess, the sea goddess, who left two giant turtles to keep the city when he was away. A festival held in honor of the goddess Thien Hau every day to 23 in March are based on the lunar calendar. One interesting thing of this pagoda is carved on the wall in the front yard pagoda.

Quan Am Pagoda

Quan Am Pagoda is located at 12 Lao Tu, Cholon. Stop at Hung Vuong, close to Thien Hau Pagoda. This Pagoda is the oldest pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City. Here many people burn incense and puppies are free to roam.

The Phung Son Tu Pagoda

The pagoda is located at 408 3 Thang 2 Street and built to honor the goddess of happiness. The pagoda is a small and dusty.

Tortoise Jade Emperor Pagoda

Chua Phuoc Hai Nguc Tu Hoang or lie d 73 Mai Thu Luu St. This pagoda is considered as the best in Saigon. The room contains various statues. There is also a pool that contains a lot of turtles.

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