Enjoying Overlay Reed in Suncheon Bay Wetlands

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Suncheon_BaySuncheon bay is located in the coastal area of ​​Suncheon, Jeollanam-do Province, South Korea. This bay is a wetland, which means flooded land. Wetlands are extremely important to maintain the balance of nature. Therefore, Suncheon bay wetlands listed in the Ramsar treaty, which is an international treaty for the conservation of wetlands,

In Suncheon bay wetlands, a stretch of grass grows the widest barrier in korea. Because of the extent, expanse of reeds was dubbed royal reeds. Not only spacious, royal reed was also wonderful because it can change color. At certain times of brown and green in the other seasons. The beauty of the royal reed was celebrated every year, on the festival reeds in Suncheon bay. The festival has been running for 14 years. Usually, held in October and November.

Expanse of reeds in Suncheon bay serves to protect nature and is home to a wide variety of wildlife. Especially, various species of birds. Expected, there are 158 species of birds migrate and live there. Some of them are rare stork. One of them, or the hooded crane Grus monacha. Stork is rare due to loss of wetlands that are habitat. Fortunately there Suncheon bay wetlands like this.

Suncheon bay uniqueness captivated travelers. There, the tourists can enjoy the tall grass by walking across the bridge in the middle stretch of the reeds. Usually, the tourists do not forget to photograph the royal beauty of reeds on the hill at dusk. Beauty!

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