Cheap Souvenir Shopping Market in Moscow

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Moscow_-_ulitsa_ArbatOld Arbat

Many souvenir hunting and entrails in Moscow. One is the Old Arbat. There are many crafts, such as scarves, matrioska, until the general attributes of the communist period. If you are hungry, there are fast food restaurants such as Japanese susi, McDonal d’s, Pizza Italia, a typical Russian cuisine, and shashlik from Turkey.In this place, the streets of about 15 meters and a length of 1, 5 km is only for pedestrians.On the right and left rows of souvenir shops and restaurants. The sellers who peddle merchandise painting in the middle of the road also enlivened the famous tourist center. as well as the artists, face painters.

In this place there is the famous Russian poet Alexandre Pushkin Sergevic, at the time living life with his wife in Moscow. Statue of Pushkin and his wife was also found in the Old Arbat and a place to take photos.

Price souvenirs in the old Arbat is much more expensive when compared with Ismailovo Souvenir Market is located slightly outside the city. But do not be discouraged because in some places the price is still negotiable souvenirs. To get to the Old Arbat, you should use a metro station and exit at Arbatskaya.

Ismailovsky Park

Ismailovsky Park or commonly called Ismailovo is quite a beautiful garden, but not widely known. This place is better known as a center of Russian souvenirs. Sometimes forgotten park designation because tourists only interested in the word souvenirs.Even then some people call this park as Ismailovo Market.

Collection of goods sold in Ismailovo quite varied, ranging from the ordinary to the low price of up to super expensive. Unlike in souvenir shops in Old Arbat, in Ismailovo negotiable price and much cheaper. You could say, a third of the price of goods at prices in Old Arbat. Souvenir Market is open every Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Usually Saturday and Sunday for tourists, while Wednesday to traders who buy in bulk. Buying goods on Wednesday usually fixed prices with wholesale price reasons. Hence, the merchandise on Wednesday did not pay attention to the arrangement of goods. On Sunday and Monday, souvenirs made a neat, attractive, and merchants usually offer in English.

Matrioshka wooden doll, Moscow panorama plates, key chains, shkatulka, bottled drinks alcohol, ushanka, and various other Russian souvenirs are all available in Ismailovo. What is contained in the souvenir shop, there must be all in Ismailovo.In addition, tourists can also buy souvenirs communist era hats army consisting of up to honors during the cold war.
To be able to enter into the market of souvenirs that tourists have to pay 10 rubles per person for Saturday and Sunday, and 5 rubles for other days. market is open 9:00 to 13:00. to make it to market Ismailovo, you can just ride the metro and stop at the station Partizanskaya.

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