Travel to Red Square and Kremlin Palace of Moscow

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Kremlin_CathedralsKremlin in Russian means fort. Since it was first built, the Kremlin intended as a fortress to withstand the opponent’s attack. When the castle was first made in 1156, the Kremlin made of wood. After a fire, in the 14th century was rebuilt with stone. In the 15th century, followed by the construction of the castle towers that complement resistance. And at the beginning of the 17th century, established the highest tower equipped large clock known as kuranti.Now at every turn of the year, the big clock becomes the primary coverage of the entire television in Russia.

Set aside a day to enjoy the beauty of the palace and the museum inside the Kremlin, Lenin’s Mausoleum and Red Square. Entering the Kremlin area, travelers will certainly enjoy the atmosphere of a place to stay swept Russia in the 17th century king.Various churches and sitana built during King Ivan III still well maintained, making fantasies drift into a few centuries ago.

In the Kremlin, there is a giant bell made in 1735 weighing 201 tons 924 kg, with a height of 6,14 m. The bells have not been used because damaged parts. In addition, travelers can also find a giant cannon weighing 40 tons.

In addition to the magnificent palace stands the President of Russia which still functioned until now, there is also a castle built after the Revolution of 1917, and is now used for concerts and ballet theater.

On the left side, there is a museum collection of various tools of war the Russian royal palace. Not to be missed is the one room that showcased the beauty of stone 190 carat diamond, which is the Diamond Fund. This room is often revered by many women from various countries.

Visited the Lenin Mausoleum is a special experience. The Russian leader’s body was lying as if she were sleeping soundly. Silent, silent, and only a small light shining on the bodies. Guards are always getting in all the way to the room where Lenin lying. Visitors are not allowed to talk at the Mausoleum, but just looking at past leaders while walking. As if Lenin was still talking to the visitors that the socialist era may stop, but he was still respected. No wonder even the winter, visitors willing to queue from early morning to get a firsthand look at the ruling bodies of the Soviet era.

Right opposite the Lenin Mausoleum, there is a magnificent building with typical Russian architecture was built in 1880. That shopping center most famous GUM in Moscow Red Square beautify participating. All the famous brands of the world can be found there. Call it Ferragamo, Hugo Boss, Cartier, Kenzo, and others. Because so expensive goods are sold in the GUM, the majority of Russians say that the GUM as a modern museum because for some people can only enjoy the beauty of a collection of items on display without being able to afford it.

In this GUM tourists to taste the ice cream is very famous Russian. Almost in every corner there GUM ice cream vendor named Gastronom 1. throughout the year, both summer winter especially, by paying 50 rubles, you can sample the delights of various flavors of ice cream while enjoying the fountain located in the building. Beautiful, fragrant, elegant, and comfortable.

Red Square in the Russian called Krasnaya Plosyad. In the ancient Russian language, krasnaya means beautiful. Beautiful words attached to the square, stands the church is said to appear after St. Basil is decorated with colorful dome like an onion. The church is a symbol of Russia’s victory over the Tatar occupation for 300 years, when the King of Ivan III to power.

Morning, afternoon, evening, and night, Red Square is never empty of visitors. Visitors take photos from different angles with different styles.This is where most of the events held in Moscow, ranging from official government ceremonial, such as the anniversary of the victory of the 9th of May to fraction attraction pole formula 1 or inter-state marching band festival.

The Kremlin is open every day, except Thursday, while the Lenin Mausoleum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from morning until 13.00. admission fee to the Kremlin is quite expensive when compared to the other entrance to the museum in Russia is around U.S. $ 10 for the Kremlin Museum and $ 25 for Armory Museum.For lovers of diamonds, had to pay U.S. $ 15 to be able to see the Diamond Fund which is located in the Armory Museum, visitors still have to buy another ticket that is sold in the Armory Museum. Pilgrimage to the Lenin Mausoleum and enjoy the beauty of the Red Square is free of charge.

To get to the Kremlin and Red Square, stopping at the Metro Station Aleksanrovsky Sad or Okhotny Ryad. Some trolley buses and awtobus also passed the Red Square and the Kremlin.

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