Cave Diving Destination in Indonesia

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Raja_Ampat_2That’s tempting but dangerous cave diving. The sport became an alternative choice to enjoy the beautiful world underwater caves that can be adrenaline. Diving locations in the Indonesian archipelago are scattered in various corners. But the exotic underwater caves which are very popular now in Raja Ampat, Gorontalo, and Kupang. The lovers of the underwater cave exploration well know beauty but save death.

Is everyone could be a cave diver? “For those who want to try cave diving does not have a phobia of enclosed spaces Claustrophobia or referred to. If you have a phobia that the risk of cave diving will be more dangerous, “said Sandra Lewis, A Cave Diving Coach. Sandra explained that the cave diving novice divers must be accompanied by a professional cave diver. Technical divers must obtain license if you want to pursue more serious cave diving.

Sandra who has done this activities more than 600 times, explained that the technical license is not easy to obtain. This is more due to maintain the safety of divers when doing cave diving. He added that the special equipment for cave diving consists of rebreathers, divers vehicle and dry clothes become important equipment to be there. It could be said that the cave diver safety is very dependent on the tools used.

“The way we breathe is different from regular diving, because of the high risk could occur such as decompression and drowned,” he said. The physical condition of the diver must also be taken into account as well. With a healthy body condition so divers can arrange more focused and quiet breathing.

Experience is also important before diving cave diving. At least the divers have to dive more than 30 times. If not prepared properly then the chances for the worst case scenario as death can occur.

“It is also important for the cave divers would disciplinary rules,” said Sandra. Risks that often occur at the time of cave diving that is lost. This could occur if the diver does not take into account the best route to the surface. Because it is at least required to prepare a cave diver two thirds of the remaining oxygen to return to the surface.

“Divers should also prepare light or artificial light sources. Because if you do the dive, the more in the light of the minimal surface. Is not likely to experience total darkness, “he said.

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