Batman Suite Room Decor at Eden Hotel in Taiwan

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Photo by Nicholas Gemini
Photo by Nicholas Gemini

In any action from Batman movie, The mask and black clothes has always been a fascination for comic lovers. If you are one of the fans from this cool hero character, it’s time to try the experience by staying in Batman Suite Room. You can feel the how to be like a Batman character here because the batman decoration and ornament nearly filled every corner in this room. Batman Suite Room can be found when you travel to Taiwan, precisely in Eden Motel.

Accessories and attributes are exhibited in the Batman Suite Room, This is like lamps, mirrors, beds, until the legendary Batman cape. To be able to add to the impression of a deeper atmosphere with Batman when staying in this room, Eden Motel also provide miniature, posters, and television are exactly as the one like in the Batman movie.

To be able to sleep soundly in the Batman nest, you are only charged about U.S. $ 50 for every three hours staying. Of course calculate the cost if you want to rent a room to stay overnight.

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