Coffee Prince Korean Drama Film Location in Seoul, Korea

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Coffee Prince Film Drama Shooting Location Hong Dae Seoul KoreaCoffee Prince is the phenomenal Korean drama among anything related to Korea fans. Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo is the main character of the drama Coffee Prince at that time. This popular Korean series tells the story of a woman who is able to provide a living for the family by working as an expert judge of the coffee aroma. When a woman named Eun Chan is currently doing the job, Han Gyul who is the main handsome young man also worked at the same workplace. Eun Chan enamored with Han Gyul and fall in love.

This korean romantic drama is very funny and enjoyable. If you’ve been watching this drama, it is time to we visited the Coffee Prince film location in korea. Here are some of the main points of the Coffee Prince location in seoul that you can visit when visiting Korea.

Chinese Dumpling King Restaurant

This restaurant is taken place when a scene where Han Gyul do first date with Eun Chan. This Chinese restaurant is located in Yeonhui Matgil. You can go to Hongik University by using Subway Line 2, then exit to the door number 5. If confused using the subway, use a taxi and gave the address on the driver, then you will get to the Dumpling King Chinese Restaurant in 10 minutes.

The Seoul Animation Center

The Seoul Animation Center which inaugurated in 1999 is often held events like film festivals and educational programs. Located at 126 Namsan, Yejang Dong, SOPA Jung gu, Seoul, you will certainly be familiar with this building. Because the building was used as a Han Gyul house. You can use the Subway Line 4 to Myeongdong Station, exit at Gate 1.

Sanmootonge Cafe

This cafe is located in a mansion that was once the home of Lee Sun Kyun before, a famous Korean composer who is a cousin of Gong Yoo. Besides being able to enjoy a dish of kimchi that a favorite food of Sanmootonge Cafe, you can also see the beautiful view from up here. In order to achieve Sanmootonge Cafe, you can use the bus or take the subway line 3 which will go to Geyonhbokgung, out to gate 3. Post Address for this cafe is in Jongno – gu, 97-5 Buam dong, Seoul.

Bugak Skyway Palgakjeong

This place is the famous jogging path in Seoul. The Reason why Bugak Skyway Palgakjeong was very popular among seoul residents is because you can enjoy the beautiful scenery while doing sports. To clear his head, Han Gyul often go jogging at this location. To be able to reach Palgakjeong jogging places, you should go to the Skyway Bugak located in Hongno, 6-17 Pyeongchang-dong. The location is not far from Sanmootonge Cafe, so you can use the same subway line.

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