A Dude in Business Class Caused a Ruckus Mid-Flight by Headbutting a Flight Attendant

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According to the New York Post on Tuesday (February 27, 2024), the incident went down on an Emirates flight from Dubai to Islamabad last Sunday. A Pakistani journalist named Amir Mateen got hold of a video from another passenger and posted it on X.

In the short clip, there’s this skinny dude with long hair, rocking jeans and a leather jacket, squaring off with a male flight attendant who’s got a grip on his collar. The flight attendant swiftly takes him down to the floor. Then, they tie the guy’s legs up with the help of another flight attendant.

In another video, the guy is sitting in a wheelchair with his hands tied on the jet bridge after they landed and folks started getting off the plane.

The caption with the video mentioned that the dude was acting all tough and scaring other passengers. There’s suspicion that he got away with it because he knows some insiders.

Emirates hasn’t said squat about this viral video yet. And as for the guy who went head-to-head with the flight attendant, who knows what’s gonna happen to him.

Bad behavior is on the rise

Lately, we’ve been seeing more and more attacks on cabin crew and fights between passengers on flights. One big reason? Booze. Yep, folks getting drunk and acting a fool.

Just earlier this month, there was a big old brawl between two passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland to Hawaii. It got so bad that other passengers and crew had to step in. And last month, some dude on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to Las Vegas started throwing punches and trying to stab people’s eyes with a pen.

And get this, the Sunday before last, some angry passenger attacked an IndiGo pilot, causing a big delay on a flight from Delhi to Goa, India because of bad visibility.

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