What Not to Wear When Flying

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The ongoing discussion about what to wear on a plane is back. A flight attendant suggests ditching the shorts when you’re about to board.

This advice comes from a crew member. Apparently, it’s all about keeping the seats clean.

“avoid shorts when flying. It’s like not leaning on the window. We never know how clean it is, so wearing long pants reduces direct contact with germs,” said Tommy, as reported by Express on Monday.

Apart from shorts, there are a few other clothing choices you might want to skip when getting on a plane. A fashion consultant for men, Kenger, says tight pants are a no-go during flights.

“Go for something comfy and easy to move in. Look jeans with a stretch. Stylish jogger pants are also a solid pick,” suggested Kenger.

“Anything tricky to put on or take off will be a hassle in the tiny airplane restroom. Pick clothes that are comfy and easy to change in and out of,” he added.

Kenger also suggests leaving behind high heels, lace-up boots, or shoes with loads of laces and buckles.

“While they might look great, they’re not the best for getting through security and squeezing down the plane aisles,” Kenger noted.

He recommends slipping into closed slip-on shoes, like loafers or flats.

Meanwhile, Leah, a personal stylist and travel blogger, suggests opting for breezy and loose clothes like long skirts or maxi dresses for comfort and ease of movement.

Another take comes from certified bariatric surgeon for Renew Bariatrics, Rene Armenta. He warns that tight clothes designed to make you look slimmer can actually mess with your breathing.

“Tight clothes can make it hard to breathe. Instead, go for breathable fabrics like cotton so you stay comfy and can actually take a breath,” advised Armenta.

And when it comes to footwear on the plane, Jason Rubin, an expert in foot conditions at the Rubin Foot & Ankle Center in Naperville, Illinois, advises against flip-flops.

“If you’re sitting by the aisle and someone needs to squeeze past, your feet are at risk of getting stepped on,” Rubin pointed out.

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