Winter Adventure in Lysefjord of Norway

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LysebotnViewFromAbovePreikestolenVisit the scandinavian countries isn’t complete while not a visit to firmly the fjord that several are really in this country. finally last week, i enjoyed one as to the coldest adventures take a tour to firmly one as to the most beautiful fjord in norway. Fjord that means strait or bay that extends to firmly the perimeters associated with a high cliff formed via the freezing ice.

Though winter is virtually over, temperatures within the whole town of stavanger, where i visited for 2 weeks, it’s still terribly cold. though direct from appearance sunny, terribly cold outside. ( the temperature throughout the warmest here is 6 degrees celsius, whereas the coldest is -9. currently being a result, i even have to firmly invariably wear layered clothing, complete with headgear and gloves. )

When can tour the lysefjord was, the sun appeared friendly, even the sky isn’t as blue like the previous days. following a winter ritual dressed, i walked to firmly the harbor that’s no more than many hundred meters away. in front as to the tour boats are already a few folks waiting. i automatically calculate the amount of individuals directly, as a result of the ship no more than when the amount of passengers leaving 15 folks or additional. apparently there will be about 20 folks.

Boats depart promptly at 12 :00. virtually all as to the occupied side as to the window, utilizing a camera in every hand. stavanger may be a small village located within the whole southwest of norway, referred to as an oil town. direct from port of stavanger it took an hour or so to firmly reach the mouth of lysefjord.

Lysefjord is 42 kilometer long fjord that’s included in ryfylke space. this fjord flanked by granite cliffs that formed since the ice age. the best mountain in lysefjord named kjerag, towering about 1000 meters higher than ocean level. meanwhile, another famous tourist attraction referred to as preikestolen ( literally suggests that stone pulpit ), as high as 600 meters flat plateau formed 10, 000 years ago. unfortunately, it seems preikestolen closed in winter due to firmly dangerous to firmly climb.

The tour is complete with data relating to the surrounding space in multiple languages. we passed many islands, bridges are built between 2 mountain rocks, and hills are partly lined with snow and ice still. ship too had to firmly flip around as a result of almost all the water surface remains lined with ice.

Within the vessel with heating, comfortable atmosphere. though, when away from the boat to firmly benefit from the scenery – particularly within the front a part of the deck – the wind blows arduous. it feels such as a slapped cheek ice. i, additionally alternative passengers, was forced in and away from the boat to firmly warm up, before heading out once more to firmly photograph.

Before reaching preikestolen, we were taken to check out a few waterfalls that a few still frozen. the waterfall has got a height of four hundred meters on high of ocean level, other then whenever the water is just atiny low trickle as a result of most are still frozen.

After enjoying a range of formations and high cliffs sharp, caves, and alternative strange rock formations, we reached the bottom of preikestolen. direct from bottom of one’s cliff as if soaring directly into sky. the tourists looked up to firmly admire the stone pulpit. unfortunately, we were not ready to see the highest surface is flat. possibly this means that i even have to firmly return here within the summer, sometime in the future !

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