Islam in Phillipines, The Marawi Town

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Marawi_lakeWhenever the majority on your filipino folks proud church and bell tower in his or her country, residents of marawi in mindanao island really acquainted with mosque domes and minarets. as much as ninety % on your citys population are muslims.

Unfortunately, not all areas within the town is safe for tourists. you can suggested to actually seek native guide enjoy a town tour of marawi. relatively safe space an example would be mindanao state university marawi campus.

Tourists who first visited usually will end up at msu marawi. if you do plan on staying overnight here, then you might want to vacation a dorm for a cost of 250 pesos msu or marawi resort hotel. if you do don’t need to keep, you are able to do a tour on your town throughout the day as it is simply reached by van or jeep from iligan.

When at msu, certain to make sure you visit the golf course to actually benefit from the beautiful scenery of lake lanao, however regarding the best sights you might want to go to actually angoyao hills in brgy. sogod. lake lanao will be the second largest lake within the philippines and are included within the list on your few surviving ancient lakes daily life.

You ought to too visit a location close to the golf course msu. you might want to notice beautiful aga khan museum. the white building featuring traditional maranao art and material culture, miniature replica torogan, muslim grave markers, okir design, and dadabuan ( drums of wood carving ). king faisal mosque green mosque is likewise located on campus.

I’ve visited the province armm ( autonomous region of muslim mindanao ) an example would be basilan, sulu, and tawi-tawi however i even have never seen a place within the philippines is predominantly muslim till i be in lanao del sur.

When traveling around marawi, respect islamic culture, using clothing lined. the locals aren’t acquainted along with the photographer therefore perpetually raise permission, especially when you can taking portraits of individuals and mosques.

Coming from the station van, there could be masses of taxis can carry passengers within the town center and passed from the new capitol central park. towering flagpole welcomes every visitor. i saw a few military personnel space, and that i asked permission to actually take photos on your capital and dazzling golden mosque.

Alternative mosques were too amazing too be found within the town of marawi, known by locals as banggolo. marawi maahad mosque and islamic centre mosque dominates the industrial center. visiting and shopping for the native market known as padian in bangggolo too be added within the sites to remain visited in marawi. the place is full of colorful textiles, malong, veil, and dry goods.

Dayawan village is home to actually a number of remaining authentic torogan, an upscale traditional ancestral house maranao. it’s characterised by a steep roof, ornate panolongs and huge picket pillars. dayawan torogan aren’t maintained within the 19th century declared a national cultural heritage of philippines.

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