Voss to Gudvangen Route, Norway in a Nutshell Review

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GudvangenTill at Voss, all tour participant got off the train, a lot of travelers who participated in the tour. Groups of tourists from Asia seem aggressive to capture the moment. Maybe if you go with them, certainly no one wants to budge to take a moment with the best angle.

From the train, bus tour participants will be directed towards the usher to Gudvangen, buses will be available immediately filled with passengers. Maybe you will find it difficult to be moved to sit and take photos from the best position.

Green carpet of pine forest interspersed with mountains in the background behind as if greeting tourists. Flash camera starts beeping to capture the moment. Expansive views of the lake across replaces pastureland eat sheep. Then came rushing blue river where salmon spawn, the highlight of this trip was a huge waterfall slide freely from a cliff and creating a charming water stream before falling into the waters below.

All the spectacular scenery change appears on the right side and left the bus. You may need to stand on a bus bench and joined the many tourists with cameras since the beginning of such professionals are reluctant to occupy the seat.

The most famous area of ​​Voss to Gudvangen is the sharp turns that have passed the bus while down the mountain. You might think only a steep bend just makes the area famous, apparently in every corner there is a fantastic view. Torrential waterfall that suddenly appeared in the middle of dense forest and stream hundreds of cubic feet of water and showing off the splendor of the entire passenger bus.

At some central point of the bend, the bus will stop for a few minutes, members told passengers the opportunity to see the sights around and take photos. Maybe you will be scrambling to take photos with the other passengers in the bus were tilted on the edge of a cliff.

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