Gudvangen to Flam Route, Norway in a Nutshell Review

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Waterfall_in_NorwayUp in Gudvangen, you can immediately ran to the dock where the ship docked that will take tourists explore fjord towards Flam. Passengers are not permitted to enter the ship, but you are advised to stand in the first row, you need to get a strategic position to take a good photo.

When officers allow tour members boarded the ship, you can choose where to sit at the back end of the ship, a strategic place to see the fjord from various positions. Ship began to run concurrently with a group of gulls that fly to accompany the departure of travelers, their shrill and low flying parallel to the ship’s position as though say goodbye. Quiet fjord boat down calmly, you can create stunning scenery permeates typical sprawling Norway that started in front of you. Mountain ranges and cliffs with shades of blue and green decoration on top of the frozen snow hanging fog also make the journey meaningful. The mountain ranges such as allied to hide indentation fjord on the other end. And covered with a mountain valley as do not want to share all the beauty they once promised to show perfect beauty during boat trip cruise that took nearly two hours.

The cold wind blows will accompany your journey. Travelers are advised to use a thick jacket, earmuffs, and scarves to protect the body against the cold wind. Views of the fjord cruise that royal look is a waterfall that comes from glacier melt in the top of the mountain or cliff and fall swiftly forming a winding stream follows the contour of rough cliffs. Among the dense forest and steep cliffs will look waterfalls appear in groups and many cameras to capture the moment, which is obviously for boat cruise lasts all participants busy here and there to capture every inch of the existing landscape. For those who often take photos of yourself, tour participants are usually asked for assistance from other tour participants to take their photos with the background fjord.

This cruise tour boat comes with brief information about a district that is passed, for example, as it passes through one of the largest waterfalls in the path or when crossing residential areas with colored house that looks cute from the tourists standing. Information is provided in several languages, such as Norwegian, English, Italiano, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Japanese.

Usually after the information is given, tour participants will be directly assembled on one side of the boat, do not want to lose to get the best angle of view will be presented. After the first hour drive, maybe your head will start to feel buzzed because the whole body feels cold and frozen, fortunately the ship is equipped with a cafeteria that provides a variety of food and warm drinks. Accompanied by a glass of hot chocolate, you will be prepared for the cold weather. Approaching Flam, range of houses started being seen along the banks of the fjord and set back gulls greet tour participants and accompanying vessels to the dock edge.

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