Bergen to Voss Route, Norway in a Nutshell Review

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Voss,_NorwayThe first trip Norway in a Nutshell tour is train trip from Bergen to the small town of Voss. Scheduled train departure is at 8:40, that means you have to wake up an hour later than before and ready to go. The cold air will accompany you to the station while carrying a backpack feels so chills.

Bergen is still quiet in the morning, maybe you can sleep without fear while road hit by a car passing by. A NSB train with classical models are parker gracefully in one lane train, feel free to sit anywhere because it does not use train system bench numbers. Bench of the train, you will see some NSB officers with pride their uniforms walking in the station.

Train departs promptly at 8:40 left Bergen as sleepiness travelers back on the attack. You may be back drifting between sleep and waking along the railway line towards Bergen Voss, a photo slide-reflecting water views over the hills landscape with a white mist that hangs on the side of the hills. Some passengers are not too busy with the camera, it looks like they also still feel sleepy and choose to continue sleeping on the train. A father in front seemed to enjoy coffee with toast for breakfast, coffee aroma evaporates into the air, making eyes sparkle travelers want to taste and feel the caffeine in the blood stream while drinking coffee.

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