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University_of_Bergen,_Rector_s_Office,_MuseplassSurely you wonder why tourists often visit to Bergen Tourist Information and entry into one of the interesting tourist attractions in Bergen. What compelling reasons of a Tourist Information in Bergen, may only contain free tourism brochures. In addition to providing information brochures, sell souvenirs, Tour package, and Bergen Card, buildings Bergen Tourist Information Tourist Information This differs from ordinary.

Bergen Tourist Information occupy a room fresco hall, where all the walls were covered with paintings angles. Sky high arches are also not spared from scratch painting. It is the coolest Tourist Information in Norway, more like the old library building than a tourist information center. Wall paintings in the Bergen Tourist Information made by Axel Revold from 1921 to 1923 and is divided into three themes, namely The Bergen Wall, The North Country Wall, and The World Wall. Bergen Tourist Information building located just before Torget Fish Market is very famous for it, you have nothing to lose take a moment to look very impressive fresco hall before stopping to Torget Fish Market.

Best Itinerary in Bergen

Bergen is a small town, therefore, it only takes one day trip to explore all the attractions there. The next day can be spent to attend one tour package tour exploring Norway fjord. Here is the itinerary for a two-day visit in Bergen.

First Day

Mount Floyen and Funicular – Rosenkrantz Tower – Hakons Hall – Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf – Torget Fish Market – Bergen Tourist Information – Lille Lungegardsvann – Marken.

Second Day

You can follow some tour packages offered by the tour Visit Bergen as Notway in a Nutshell.

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