Bergen Lake of Lille Lungegardsvann

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photo by Snorri Matthiasson
photo by Snorri Matthiasson

Name of the lake in the center of Bergen is probably the first time you find time to read the map of Bergen. Size of the lake is quite extensive and easily accessible from all parts of Bergen, made all the tourists who came to Bergen didn’t never pass this lake.

At a glance, Lille Lungegardsvann not much different from other lakes that occupy strategic positions in most of the city center, just plain with lake fountain right in the middle of the lake. But more remarkable because Lille Lungegardsvann a strategic place to enjoy the natural scenery Lille Lungegardsvann clearly visible from the edge of the lake. The sky was gray with rain clouds looming beauty looks Lille Lungegardsvann as you stand at the edge of the lake. If only the brighter and the sun is not covered by clouds, certainly many people who sunbathe around the lake or take pictures Bergen Degnan background scenery is spectacular.

Lille edge Lungegardsvann apparently inhabited ducks, pigeons, and seagulls are living in harmony and sharing distributed food rations travelers. Set of domestic animals, it can be used as an object by being surrounded by birds pose a busy asking ration of bread from your hands, photo garden atmosphere typical of Europe, inhabited by many birds.

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