The Royal Barge Procession of Thailand

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city of bangkok, thailand, has only rang the royal barge procession. this celebration is once more performed when vacuum for 5 years.

the barge-shaped golden goose and mythical ocean creatures down the chao phraya river in bangkok. this celebration is over 700 years recent, and followed a little over 2, 000 rowers.

the procession, referred out to as royal barge procession held for the very first few time following a vacuum for 5 years. similarly, as quoted by reuters on monday ( 12/11/2012 ).

the celebration was led from the crown prince of thailand, maha vajiralongkorn, and emphasized the importance of water in the chao phraya river thailand. traditionally, water for thailand is that the heart, the supply of life.

this ancient procession featuring 52 stunning golden barge and sail wrapped jasmine circuit for concerning per hour within the chao phraya river. this year, the celebration was held on 9 november 2012.

the celebration was last held in 2007 to celebrate the 80th anniversary of king bhumibol, the leader of thailand. but, when that forget about celebrations for thailand was hit by floods.

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