Tourist Finds Creepy Handprints While Boiling Water in Hotel Room

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A woman shared a spooky story from her Thailand vacation where she saw kids’ handprints in her hotel room, even though she was alone.

As per News Week on Friday (June 14), @breannaechavez had this eerie encounter at Bangkok’s Le Fennix Sukhumvit Hotel.

In a video, she’s just boiling water for noodles with a coffee pot in front of a big mirror. When the steam hit, handprints suddenly appeared. At first, she thought they were from an adult, but up close, they were small, like a child’s.

“I was just making noodles when I saw these handprints,” she said.

Instead of freaking out, she turned to the internet for a scientific explanation. And there is one.

A study in the Journal of Scientific Exploration in January 2016 looked into handprints in strange places. It turns out, water evaporates from fingerprints or handprints first, but other stuff sticks around longer. That’s why handprints on glass can hang on for years, especially if they’re greasy.

If you write on a foggy window or a cold mirror with your finger, the writing comes back when things cool down. The marks never really vanish. It’s the same deal with fingerprints on mirrors.

The video blew up online, grabbing lots of eyeballs. Many admitted they got goosebumps watching it.

People flooded the comments, saying how spooky and eerie it was. But some folks knew the science and said past guests sometimes leave messages to give future guests a fright.

One person said they always write “HELP ME” on hotel bathroom mirrors. When hot shower steam fills the room, their message pops up again. Imagine the next person’s shock! Others mentioned drawing smiley faces to give the next folks a chuckle.

This tale shows how fingerprints can stick around and how past guests can leave surprises—both spooky and playful—for those who come after.

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