geumsan ginseng festival welcomes autumn in korea

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ginseng could be a plant was believed to cure diseases and boost endurance and stamina. geumsan town located in south korea became the largest producer of ginseng and ginseng is one of the best within the whole land.

autumn has only penetrated korea. before hot weather gradually became cold and fresher air temperature. this atmosphere was fun, particularly for the individuals who like there is to firmly do outdoor activities.

autumn could be a season to seem forward in the farmers as a result of at this point they could harvest each crops and plantations. no exception ginseng growers.

right in fall anyway ginseng festival held in korea located in geumsam, ginseng manufacturing regions biggest and best during this state ginseng. this year the festival took place on 32 and 14 to 23 september 2012. geumsan town is located in the middle of one’s korean peninsula, specifically within the whole province of chungcheongnam-do.

its simple to work in the town, each of one’s town of seoul and major cities in korea. coming from the town of seoul, where visitors will go approximately 2 hour bus ride or possibly a fast train, ktx, approximately 1. 5 hours.

every year, the town will certainly be full of tourists, each domestic and abroad, who definitely are fascinated by ginseng, particularly throughout festivals. nearly eighty % of korean ginseng traded from this city.

and even just like the town of ginseng, the citys several retailers are conjointly present ancient korean drugs. koreans believe that ginseng efficacious cure many diseases, an example would be tumors, diabetes, cancer, and stress, and even as to further improve endurance and stamina.

the air was terribly clear when i and a few friends visiting this town. with the front entrance to town geumsan, we are able to see a significant statue of ginseng. this statue just like a sign that the town will be the town of ginseng.

on the ideal and left of one’s road, we are able to see the rice plants commence to flip yellow and likely to that should be harvested ginseng plants were coated by having black veil. as a result of geographic and environmental conditions are smart, ginseng plants will grow well within the whole space geumsan.

additionally to korea, we conjointly recognize ginseng from china and america. with the entrance of one’s festival, officers disseminate info relating to places to visit whereas within the whole exhibition.

i went straight in the ancient market ginseng. during this place, visitors will see the method of shopping for and selling ginseng will still be raw ( unprocessed ). recent ginseng is typically purchased directly for a few purposes. for instance, for food or drugs.

though there will be several methods of ginseng and its arduous to inform that happen to firmly be high-quality or possibly not, the buyers don’t got to worry as a result of all the traders within the whole market is incredibly honest. they actually won’t cheat buyers. geumsan ginseng image just like a spot to break if it happens.

additionally to the kind, size weight employed in shopping for ginseng is additionally differ from alternative products. the traders weighed by serious 3/4 pounds. the value is additionally terribly diverse, from 20, 000 won ( krw ) to krw 500, 000 or approximately till rp500. 000 rp200. 000.

if you do in fact obtain raw ginseng, then you have got to store it within the special place with an exact temperature, an example would be refrigerators. this is often to stay the humidity that ginseng continues that should be recent but not rotten.

homecoming tradition on chuseok day

ginseng festival this point was held specifically per week just before the chuseok holiday. chuseok will be the korean vogue thanksgiving day. about that day, the koreans say thanks for taking out a smart harvest.

as lebaran or christmas, throughout chuseok, the korean individuals can go home or hang out back with her family. they actually can go in the ancestors plus to help make ancient korean foods and beverages, an example would be songpyeon, sindoju, and dongdongju.

by the occasion, they actually sometimes offer gifts to those that are older. ginseng is one in every of one of the best and the majority unusual gifts they actually offer. so, it isn’t stunning that by the day, markets packed with shoppers who might wish to purchase ginseng.

once visiting the market, i pay visiting the museum ginseng within the festival website. during this place, visitors will enjoy a 4d movie that tells the history of ginseng ginseng through cartoon characters. within the whole film lasted approximately quarter-hour, they actually were invited to higher understand why ginseng is incredibly vital in human life.

finished watching the movie, i went connected to visit in the exhibit hall show varied ginseng plants. i will conjointly see the method of how farmers begin planting, harvesting, and manufacturing ginseng to purchase online within the whole market. a really long method.

consequent visit is an international trade honest ginseng. during this place, visitors coming from the tried plus obtain ready-made ginseng products. processed ginseng products are well known, an example would be drinks, tea, candy, chocolate, jelly, pills, thus on’>and so forth. the value varies reckoning on the sort of ginseng itself.

i myself don’t obtain something, however only tasted examples of such products for free. nowadays, the korean government is actively promoting ginseng as an efficacious and safe crop for consumption in the public.

satisfied been to 2 locations, i then went in the stage to enjoy ancient korean arts attractions, samul nori. places samul nori, korean vogue drum music, a extremely entertain visitors throughout the day.

the players in blue uniforms and white invites the audience to dance along. along the stage, visitors will conjointly attend many competitions, an example would be dancing and singing competitions. there will be conjointly mortals balloon ginseng greet the visitors and invite them to actually be able to participate actively within the whole race.

once tired of walking around and enjoying the art pertujukan korea, its time to do red ginseng foot spa. here, visitors will soak the feet in picket bowl having been stuffed with water hot ginseng. this is often my 1st time doing foot spa in korea. previously, the clerk asked me to clean the feet and supply 2 clean towels.

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