The Mfuwe Lodge Zambia Elephants Lobby

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Mfuwe_Lodge_Dining_AreaAfrica Open nature always deviate unique beauty. A variety of wild animals such as elephants and people live side by side. Even you interact with animals in a very close distance. You can do this when staying at Hotel Mfuwe Lodge. In a hotel located at Zambia ‘s South Luangwa, tourists will feel the unique experience that will never be forgotten, you can see a group of elephants crossing the lobby of the hotel with ease.

Although including wild animals, all elephants are crossing the hotel lobby is quite friendly and not intrusive tourists who were staying at the hotel. In addition to holding an elephant, the cute and young elephant calf also often traverse this. The reason many elephants that crossed this is a lot of mango trees growing around the lobby. So they look for foods such as fruit and foliage from the mango tree. Once they are full, then they go back to the forest and to reach it, they have to cross the hotel lobby.

The mango trees bear fruit only in November. Therefore, tourists are strongly advised to stay in it if you want to see the unique scenery. If you are less fortunate to be able to see an elephant crossing the lobby of the hotel, tourists can visit the lagoon hotel which is located within the hotel complex. In this place you can see deer, buffalo, giraffe, buffalo, alligators, and other wild behavior of animals that live in the surrounding water.

Because the atmosphere is different and unique, often Mfuwe Lodge Hotel was awarded as one of the must-visit in Africa. Besides feeling the wildlife, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of architectural design built by mixing natural elements such as ornate mahogany and ebony.

Other unique facilities offered by the Hotel Mfuwe Lodge is the open air swimming pool, beautiful gardens and buildings made straw. When else can you swim with wild animals are tame and friendly.

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